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Sky Masterson (gambler)

Playing age: 30 to 45.  Vocal Range: Baritone,to High E4

A quintessentially velvet- smooth, cool, big-time city gambler with ego. Smarter than ‘ three Philadelphia lawyers’ put together,  yet totally respected by his fellow gamblers, he is suave, sophisticated, impulsive, charming ,charismatic and adored by the ladies.  He falls for Sarah big time by the end of the show of course. What a fabulous romantic character to play! He has a great script and iconic songs to sing, such as’ Luck Be a Lady’ and’ I’ve Never Been in Love Before’. Must have strong acting skills and pleasing vocals.

Audition songs: ’ Luck Be A Lady’ and I’ll Know’

Sarah Brown (Salvation Army)

Playing age: 20 to 35. Vocal range: Soprano, A to High F and optional High A

This totally squeaky- clean  Salvation Army girl with ‘100 per cent eyes’ is the lovable girl-next door  character with a straight-laced outlook, beneath which, trembling to be released, is a vibrant personality with a suppressed sense of adventure. Chalk and cheese to Sky ( the romantic interest), she hates gamblers and gambling with a passion (‘ it ruins my poor papa and brother Joe’) and is determined to save their souls at the Mission. Of course she eventually falls for Sky and moves from prim and proper (‘ I’ll Know’)to drunkenly infatuated ‘(If I were a Bell’) and then, finally(‘ Ive Never Been in Love Before’) totally in love with him ( who wouldn’t be!). This lady dominates much of the action, particularly with Sky and needs to be his match in performance. Strong acting skills and vocals are a requirement. This part is to die for ladies!

Audition songs ’ I’ll Know’, ‘If I were a Bell’, ‘I’ve Never Been in Love Before’

Nathan Detroit: (Gambler)

Playing age: 35 to 50. Vocal Range: Baritone E to High E flat.

Nathan is a dyed- in- the wool crap game officianado who has been living by his wits since he was a juvenile delinquent. Adelaides ‘other half’, he is a funny, streetwise, lovable rogue with a good heart and endless optimism, together with a plethora of inventive excuses to get himself out of trouble. Permanently broke he struggles to survive in the shark’s world of gambling. He adores Adelaide really, but wary of commitment he has kept her on the hook for 14 years so far! No wonder she is frustrated with him! Lots of comedy and great lines in this part, so comic timing is of the essence together with good acting skills and strong character vocals (Sue Me, Oldest Established) . Again he has that peculiar Runyonesque New York accent as illustrated in the script. What a cracking part to play guys!

Audition songs:  ‘Sue Me’  and ‘Oldest Established’ 


Miss Adelaide(Hot Box Doll)

Playing age: 30 to 45. Vocal range: Mezzo, A flat – High D flat.

Adelaide is the star ‘Doll’ at The Hot Box, the mainstay of the troupe, and she has been so for some years!  Cute as a button, loveable, ditsy, long suffering and totally frustrated with her relationship with Nathan, she longs for the day when he slips a ring on her wedding finger and whisks her away to an idyllic family life in a country cottage with a shoe full of children. However after 14 years of waiting for a proposal her patience is wearing thin. As a result she has developed a permanent psychosomatic cold of epic proportions, which comes upon her at times of stress (as in ‘ Adelaide’s Lament’). What she lacks in the intellectual department she makes up for with sheer persistence and optimism . Her relationship with Nathan is warm and loving, if a little frustrating!

Vocals need to be character led, articulation of the best( Runyonesque New York style dialect) , comic timing and performance skills go without saying. Finally this character will need to strip down to a basque and be a good mover, so don’t be shy girls! An absolute gem of a part.

Audition songs:  ‘Adelaide’s Lament’’,Sue Me’Hot Box Girls

Playing ages: various up to 40 (they could range from youth with attitude, to older ‘been round the block several times’ ladies of a certain age...surprise us  !)  Vocal Ranges: mixed middle.

These are girly, attractive Molls and Dolls who work at the Hot Box , a Broadway strip club. They are the main entertainment so should be prepared to strip down to a basque and stockings and dance provocatively burlesque style (Take back Your Mink, Bushel and a Peck). They sing in tune, but not necessarily prettily, and they need good articulation, so we can hear every golden word! Each one has individuality and a character name, so each has a chance to stand out in some way from the others. However they are a close group and look out for each other and Adelaide. Mimi has a few lines to say. They will also double as red hot Cuban dancers in the Havana scene, Strictly style maybe, and will also play characters in the opening Runyonland. These girls will have the greatest fun!

Audition songs: ‘Take Back Your Mink’ plus ‘Happy Ending’


Gamblers and Gangsters

Nicely Nicely Johnson

Playing age around 30 to 50. Vocal range: Tenor   C to HighB

According to Runyon he is ‘short fat and good natured’ with a pleasant tone of voice. However this part has been played by many different shapes and sizes and in many different ways, so room for creativity here guys! However it is true he is a happy go lucky guy who loves to play the horses and be a willing messenger  for Nathan and his crap games. He is led by his constant craving for food, which he indulges in throughout the action. High spirited, naive and sincere, he is best friends with Benny Southstreet,  a well matched pair of small time gamblers, bouncing lines off each other in smart repartee.

He leads one of the biggest songs in the whole show, ‘Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat’ , so vocally he needs to be strong. He has many great comic moments, so needs a strong sense of comedy also. Usual New York accent.

Audition sonsg:  ‘Oldest established’, ‘Guys and Dolls’, ‘Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat.’

Benny Southstreet

Playing age : 25 to 50  Vocal Range: Baritone to HighG

 Nicely’s smart, funny friend, who is of a slightly nervous disposition. He is a small time gambler and help to Nathan Detroit. This part calls for a good sense of comedy and physical theatre. He makes  a great double act with Nicely, with whom he appears frequently and has great comic fast fire exchanges of dialogue.

Vocals must be strong and in character, and harmony singing is required( ‘Fugue for Tin Horns’ and ‘Guys and Dolls’). New York dialect. This is a great fun part which will comfortably fit a wide range of performers.

Audition songs: ‘Oldest Established’,’Guys and Dolls’

Rusty Charlie

Playing age: wide open     Range: light baritone to High G

Small time gambler, one of Nicely’s sidekicks.  He features strongly  in Fugue for Tin Horns as one of the harmonising trio, then frequently thereafter with the occasional musical intervention, though no script. He appears in all the big gambling scenes as one of the group and will also feature in another disguise in Havana  and Runyonland. In Damon Runyon’s stories he is a hard hitting , dangerous gangster, but that seems to have been watered down somewhat in the musical...but always room for creation of a hard bitten crook with attitude! Must be a strong singer with good stage presence.May feature in other small parts. Havana etc.

Audition song:’ Fugue for Tin Horns’

Harry the Horse

Playing age:30 to 50    Vocal range: Baritone up to High G4

Tough, two timing gambler from Chicago. Cool, sharp and funny, he has a great sense of style and comedy. Large stage presence , he has some great lines in the sewer scene. He may also feature in Havana and Runyonlan in different guises. Strong character singing and acting an advantage. Another great character part!

Audition song:‘Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat’

Big Jule

Playing age : middle aged    Vocal Range:

Big Jule is the big time gangster from Chicago. Usually perceived as heavy  boned, big fisted , mad, bad and dangerous to know.. He packs a gun and is not afraid to use it. Do not cross him, you will regret it! He is pretty much feared amongst the gambling community. He has some great comedy lines, and comes into his own in the sewer where the crap game is ‘on’.A good part again where you can make your mark. May also be used in other cameo parts as required.

Audition song:  ‘Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat’.

Other Gamblers and Gangsters:  plus Angie the Ox and Joey Biltmore.

Playing ages: Various        Vocal Ranges: Various

A more irreverent bunch of small time gamblers and crooks it would be hard to meet on a long day’s march. Sharp dressers, sharp witted and maybe a little over sentimental, they are full of character, vigour and comedic good humour. Loads of good musical numbers to feature in (‘Oldest established’,’ Guys and Dolls’, ‘Sit Down’, ‘Luck be a Lady’) they will be good energetic movers and some will be great dancers as well. They will also feature as Cubans in the big, steamy hot  Havana scene, and other small characters in the opening.

Audition songs: ‘Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat’ and’ Happy Ending’

Lt Brannigan (police)

Playing age :30 to 50  Vocal Range: non singing part, though joins on Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat.

The Lieutenant is engaged in a battle of wits with Nathan Detroit, determined to run down Detroit’s crap games and close them. He is that typical, cigarette smoking, crumpled, plain- clothes cop on the New York beat.... cool, caustic and constantly frustrated. Turned up collar on his raincoat (it always rains on coppers in the movies), drooping cigarette, tipped down trilby, he is everything you imagine of an American law enforcer. Great little part! Could feature in other guises.

Audition song:’ Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat’



Arvide Abernathy

Playing age: middle aged and older.   Vocal Range: Light baritone up to high F4

Abernathy is the wise, kind, paternal, father- figure of the little group of Salvationists. He is most fond of Sarah and is her mentor and a shoulder to cry on. He has soft melodic tones (maybe Irish?) and a gentle manner and a trusting nature, but with a strong resolve. He should have a tuneful voice, easy on the ear, and good acting ability....he has some of the great sentimental moments of the piece.This is a super part for the slightly older performer. Small cameo part possible in opening.

Audition piece: ‘More I cannot give you’.

General Cartwright                              

Playing age: Middle  Vocal range: Mezzo

Featuring mostly at the Mission in ‘Sit Down Youre Rocking the Boat’, she is a powerful, formidable no nonsense evangelist, here to close down the aforesaid Mission. Her time to shine comes during this huge exciting all- singing all- dancing number, the big crowd pleaser in the show. Be prepared for her transformation! May also play other small cameo appearances. A small but powerful role that will be remembered!

Audition song: ‘Sit Down You’re Rocking The Boat’.

Other Salvation Army Characters:

Playing age: various   Vocal range: various

Martha, Agatha, Bertha and Calvin accompany Sarah and Arvide to all the Salvation Army meetings at and around the Mission. Committed to the cause and zealous in their belief, they are a doughty little band, sincere and quietly caring for the community. These four will also feature as other characters in various other scenes, including the Hotbox and Havana. Could be great fun and challenging!

Audition song: ‘Sit Down You’re Rocking The Boat’. Familiarity with’ Happy Ending’

Please note most audition songs will be extracts from the whole piece. All should be familiar with ‘Happy Ending’. Further info when audition pieces are published in full after January 22nd from Caroline Warren,

INFORMATION NIGHT: Wednesday 7th February 2018, 19.30 at Players Theatre Lowestoft

AUDITION DATE: Sunday  February 11th 2018 at The Players Theatre

Times: 9.30 am Registration

10 am workshop: all auditioners, company and principals

13.30 Principals auditions

Membership and /or show levies payable at this point

Performance Venue: The Players Theatre Lowestoft

Performance dates : Thursday May 31st to Saturday June 9th 2018

See you soon! Good Luck From your team:

Deanne D, Paula C, Stella B, Bethany F, Mary H, Kim C, Bernie G and Caroline W