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For 6 performances

Tuesday 7th to Saturday 11th June 2016

Nightly 7.30pm   / Matinee 2.30pm (Sat 11th)

Director: Karen Carter and Nicholas Garrod

Musical Director: Francesca Warren

Choreographer: Louise Hebborn

Production Assistant : Ann Richards-Croft  / 07713 131648




When reading this brief storyline of Sister Act it is good to remember that Deloris is a nightclub singer, loud brash and full of life. And the nuns on the other hand are, quite & calm, or are they? The many characters, including the nuns are full of comic fun and mischief. Put this together with a fantastic score, loud 70’s costumes and you will see what a great show Sister Act is. Now read on…………


We are in a night club and Deloris Van Cartier and her two friends are auditioning for Deloris’s gangster boyfriend Curtis Shank. Deloris believes he is going to let her sing at the club although she soon learns that this is not to be. So she decides to break up with Curtis and head out of Philadelphia to go fulfil her dreams on her own. However before she leaves she is witness to Curtis and his gang of nephew TJ, Joey, and Pablo, who shoot someone they believe has "squealed" about them to the cops. Making a quick escape with the gang in pursuit Deloris goes to the police. The desk chief Eddie, (who as it turns out went to school with Deloris and had a crush on her) decides that Deloris needs to go into the witness protection program and sends her to the one place he believes Curtis will never find her - a convent.

However the Mother Superior is non to happy about the arrangements and informs Deloris that she cannot smoke, drink, or wear any of her less than appropriate clothing. Dressed now as a nun she meets the other nuns for dinner and discovers how they got their "calling" from the Lord. They then ask Deloris to share her story with them putting her on the spot, but with some quick thinking she spins a tale.

Later that night Deloris decides to hit the town she goes across the street to a slinky bar, but is followed by Sister Mary Patrick, and Sister Mary Robert. When they arrive they are shocked to find Sister Mary Clarence (Deloris' undercover name) drinking and dancing, however they assume that she is attempting to save the lost souls in the bar. Deloris goes along with this idea, however the joyful mood is quickly destroyed when Deloris recognises TJ, Joey & Pablo in the bar. They think they see Deloris and approach what turns out to be a drag queen resulting in a fight and another mad cap chase. Deloris, Mary Roberts and Mary Patrick escape only to come face to face with Eddie and the Mother Superior. Eddie tells Deloris that Curtis has upped the price on her head, so she needs to be careful and keep a low profile.

The following morning Deloris attends the choir practice and loudly admits that the choir sounds terrible. This prompts the Mother Superior to let Deloris lead the choir. Deloris does so and teaches the nuns how to sing in key and on time. She also manages to break the quiet and timid Sister Mary Robert out of her shell. That Sunday, the choir perform an up-tempo hymn which to the struggling church's surprise brings in more people and more donations. The Mother Superior is horrified but Monsignor O’Hara thinks it’s wonderful and news of the choir soon spreads with photographers and news reporters coming in to get the story behind the latest sensation.

Over the coming weeks, the choir become incredibly successful, however the newfound fame comes at a price. Curtis and his goons spot Deloris with the choir on T.V. and Curtis orders his boys to get into the convent and bring Deloris back.

At the church, Monsignor O’Hara has some terrific news: the choir has been asked to perform a special concert in front of the Pope. The choir are overjoyed but nervous and later that night they ask Deloris to pray for their success. They are interrupted by the Mother Superior who tells Deloris she must leave with Eddie as Curtis knows where she is. The other nuns are shocked and confused and Deloris is forced to tell them the truth about who she really is and that she cannot stay and perform with them.

Eddie takes her to his house for the night, while there, initially overjoyed that soon she would be free of Curtis she feels guilty for abandoning her sisters when they needed her. She decides to return to the convent.

Deloris’s return to the convent sparks off emotions within the nuns, knowing her to be in danger they all want to help despite the Mother Superior saying just call the police. This prompts an outburst from the nuns to stand by Deloris and a cat and mouse chase follows with Curtis and his men. It all comes down to a final confrontation with Curtis, who is armed and dangerous. He finds Deloris but didn’t count on the nuns telling him that he will have to go through them first. Curtis is about to start firing when Eddie comes in and saves the day. And with Curtis and his boys arrested Eddie finally asks Deloris out on a date.

The Mother Superior and Deloris come to a truce and accept that perhaps they are not so different after all. The show ends with all the nuns and eventually the entire cast performing for the Pope.

SISTER ACT CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS & AUDITION PIECES:                                                        

Please see all information as a guide for you for all characters. We are looking for a diverse company of all ages for this show. Set in Philadelphia 1977.

Deloris Van Cartier (Playing age Range: 30–40) A would be star, she is a loud brash character with great comedy timing, excellent singing voice and good movement required. Alto/mezzo (vocal range E3 (below middle C) - F#5)Dialogue: P3–P6, P15–P18 & P22–P24 Select one of these 2 songs: Take Me to Heaven - Nightclub (bars 19–61) or Fabulous Baby (bars start–69) Plus sing all of the Sister Act song.

Eddie (Playing age Range: 30–40) He is a sweet nervous policeman who dreams of being confident and brave. School boy crush on Deloris. Good vocals and movement are required. Lot of comedy potential Tenor (vocal range Ab2-B4) Dialogue: P15–P18 Songs: I could be that guy. Whole song 

Curtis (Playing age Range: 30–50) Gangster club owner who is very smooth and calculating, has a nasty streak. Good vocals and minimal movement required. High baritone (vocal range A2-Ab4).Dialogue: P3–P6 & P11–P12 Songs: When I find my baby. Whole song.  

Mother Superior (Playing age Range: 35–70) Firm but fair nun, very dignified and ladylike. Try’s hard to keeps to the old ways of doing things and will protect her nuns to the last. Good vocals and minimal movement required. Alto (vocal range D3-E5) Dialogue: P21–P24 & P73–P75 Songs: Here Within These Walls (bars 1–40), I haven't got a Prayer (bars 1 - 43 and 92–end) or bar 65 –end. 

Sister Mary Robert (Playing age Range: 16–25) A young, innocent postulant, shy and quiet. Left as a baby outside the church, this is all she has known. Until Deloris brings out the best in her and helps her to know what and where she really belongs. Excellent vocals and good movement required. Mezzo/soprano with belt–vocal range from F#3 (below middle C)-A5. Dialogue: P97–P99 Songs: Nuns audition pieces Take me to Heaven Bar 39-81 plus The Life I never led (whole song minus dialogue in middle of number) 

Monsignor O’Hara (Playing age Range: 40–70) A gentle, kind man who is a bored, uninspired preacher until he becomes more confident and more like a Las Vegas compere, think Barry White when doing dialogue over intro to Sunday Morning Fever. Not a singing or dancing role. Dialogue: P73–P75 Song: N/A Could have an Irish/American accent.  

Sister Mary Patrick (Playing age Range: 18 -30) A fun and enthusiastic nun, larger than life character, known for enjoying everything lots of comedy potential.Excellent vocals and good movement required. Soprano (vocal range G3-E6). Dialogue: P27–P29 48-49 Songs: Nuns audition pieces Take me to Heaven Bar39-81 

Sister Mary Lazarus (Playing age Range: 50 -70) An older, crabby choir mistress, snappy and seemingly grumpy. Has to rap and move quiet well. Lots of comedy potential. Alto (vocal range F3-B4). Dialogue: P58/9/60 Songs: Sunday Morning Fever (bars 119–131) from “A hip hop, ahippity” and Take me to Heaven Bar 39-81  

Joey (Playing age Range: 20–50) One of “Curtis? thugs, a gentle giant, makes out he is tuff and dangerous but isn’t naturally capable. Needs to bring out the comedy in this role. Good vocals and movement required. Tenor (vocal range Bb2-Eb5).  As there is very little dialogue all together on one page we would like you to prepare a brief piece about yourself as this character. Also in the song: Lady in the Long Black Dress from start of dialogue to bar 25 then bar 63 when all 3 join make sure you sing your line marked. Song: Take me to Heaven bar 39-81. Take a look on youtube at this number, it will help you with the character.  

TJ (Playing age Range: 16–25) “Curtis? nephew and part of the gang. A young, dumb character. Again needs to bring out the comedy within this role. Good vocals and movement required. Tenor (vocal range Db3-Eb5). As there is very little dialogue all together on one page we would like you to prepare a brief piece about yourself as this character. Plus the script going into the song: Lady in the Long Black Dress (bars 26–49 then bar 63 when all 3 join in make sure you sing your line marked) Song: Take ME TO Heaven bar 39-81. Tate a look on youtube, it will help you with the character.  

Pablo (Playing age Range: 20 - 45) Another of Curtis? thugs. Speaks mostly Spanish. Thinks he’s a “love god? this in itself has comedy potential. Good vocals and movement required. High tenor (vocal range C4-F5) As there is very little dialogue all together on one page we would like you to prepare a brief piece about yourself as this character.  Songs: Lady in the Long Black Dress (bars 58–81 continue when all 3 join in make sure you sing your line marked) Song: Take me to Heaven bar 39-81.Take a look on youtube it will help you with the character.   

Michelle & Tina (also are Nuns) (Playing age Range: 20–40) Backing vocalist in “Curtis? club.Excellent vocals and movement required. Mezzo sopranos (vocal ranges Ab3-F5). Dialogue: P6–P7 Songs: Nuns audition pieces plusTake Me to Heaven (bars 54–66) 

Ernie (Playing age Range 25-50) One of Curtis’s men in two scenes only as Ernie but as company for rest of show. Makes out he’s a tough guy and loyal to his boss but in fact is the snitch. Dialogue: page 11. Song: Take me to Heaven (Bar 39-81) Sunday morning Fever (Bars 17- end sing M1-4, Laz line)    

Nuns plus other character roles. We are looking for all types, shapes and sizes, you need to be very animated and larger than life when performing songs. These nuns have a lot of comedy potential so you will need to throw yourself into the roles.  Good vocals, movement required as opposed to dancing. Dialogue for those wishing to have a small speaking role: P27–P29 Songs: Take Me to Heaven– Nun Choir Version (bars 39–81). Choose either Soprano, Alto, Bass part.We shall also require some show girl dancers from within the nuns. 

Male Ensemble plus other character roles: We shall require some male dancers. Also various named characters will be required. Dialogue for those wishing to have a small speaking role will be available: Good vocals, and there is some movement required. Songs: Men - Sunday Morning Fever (bars 17-end: sing M1-4, “Laz” line) Take me to Heaven same as nuns (Bar 39-81) 

Other named characters taken from within the company are: Pool Man, Policeman, x2 Hookers, Barmaid, Drag Queen, Cab driver, News caster, Alter men and workman. 

There are many clips on youtube of this show, take a look to get the feel of the characters.




For Further Information / Audition Pieces and Booking a Timed Audition Slot please contact: Production Assistant - Ann Richards-Croft  07713 131648 


'Sister Act' Information evening: Tuesday 9th Feb 7-15pm to find out all you need to know about this show and auditions.


Sing through audition pieces: with Francesca Wednesday 10th Feb, by timed slots, take this opportunity to go through your audition songs either one to one or in groups.


Auditions 1: Thursday 11th Feb, by timed slots for the roles of Deloris, Mother Superior, Eddie and Curtis.


Auditions 2: Sunday 14th Feb, for Nuns, company male/female and all other principal roles.


Registration will be at 9.50am. There is a show levy of £15 plus for new members there is a membership fee adults £37.50 con/students etc £17.50 please bring this to auditions. 


Group workshop singing and movement starts at 10.00am. Please wear suitable shoes and clothing for movement.


Auditions 3: for all other principal roles from 1pm time slotted. If you auditioned on Thursday you will need to attend the workshop on Sunday morning for movement.


Please contact Annie on 07713 131648 for all audition pieces and booking your time slot. Audition pieces available from early January.


The production team would like you to learn your pieces please or at least be familiar with them so we can assess your abilities.


First rehearsals: will be Wednesday 17th & Thursday 18th Feb, 7-15pm


All events will be held at The Players Theatre (The Bethel)

UPDATE 26/01/16  and further information:

Auditions piece now available to download by going to 

Tueday 9th Feb
Meet the Production team
Information night, this is your chance to review all the parts available and whats required for auditions, as well as a brief overview of the show.
You will also be able to book your time slot if wanting to audition for a part with Annie on the night or call 07713 131648

Wednesday 10th Feb
sing through evening with Francesca Warren
Men at 6.30 for company song
Women at 7pm for company song

If you are considering auditioning for the below parts other than Tina/Michelle, no need to come along to the company,sing through,to just come along on the Sunday morning workshop, If you are going for a principle part only, come along to the times listed below.
8.10pm Deloris
8.30 Mother Superior
8.40 Mary Robert
8.50 Mary lazarus Tina/Michelle

Mother Superior ( No movement involved with this part, however you will need to attend the workshop on the Sunday morning if you also want to be considered for company).

7.30pm Joey/TJ/Pablo
Pablo there is some script that is in Spanish, we will be looking for clear pronunciation, however we will be looking to get a clear recording of some sort to support with this.

If you are auditioning for any of the above parts you need NOT attend the sing through at 6.30 unless you want to be considered for company.
7.45pm Curtis
7.55 Eddie
Curtis and Eddie if you want to be considered for company then please attend the workshop on the Sunday morning
Monsignor O’Hara (Book audition slot for the Sunday afternoon, Need not attend the Workshop in the morning unless you want to be considered for the company). Please come along to the mens sing through on Wednesday at 6.30pm.

General Notes:

Please be aware that there are several small character roles and should you wish to be considered, you will need to learn a small piece of script, we are asking you to take on your own interpretation of this and deliver to us in your own style.
We would also like you to try to learn the words to the songs that you will be auditioning for, as well as the script so we can see you at your best.

Auditions on Thursday evening will begin at 6.45pm prompt,
Please come along with appropriate footwear to both the workshops and your own individual auditions.

First rehearsals: will be Wednesday 17th 7.15pm Full Company and Thursday 18th 7.15pm Full Company

All Audition Pieces are now available At …
Click on each link to be able to download all script, music, and also listen to the music

Member ship £30 (18yrs above) full time employment
£17.50 students, concessions, unemployed
Show levy £15 to be paid on the day of audition, we can accept card payment.

Please arrive prompt and ready to give it your all


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For 10 performances

Friday 9th to Saturday 17th June 2016

Directors: Stephen Wilson and Gerald Wilson



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