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For 9 performances

Friday 22nd to Sunday 31st January 2016

Nightly 7.30pm (22nd/23rd/29th/30th)   / Matinee 2.30pm (23rd/30th/31st)

Sun 24th performances 1.00pm and 5.30pm  

Directors: John Marjoram and Wendy Takman

Choreographers: Wendy Takman and Beccie Amer

Children’s Choreographer: Beth Lewis

Choreography Assistant: Morgen Clarke

Musical Directors: Francesca Warren and Mike West

Stage Management: Jan Takman and Ryan Takman  

Years ago a young lad by the name of Richard Whittington set off on an amazing adventure, following his dreams for

making a new life and seeking his fortune in the city of London, where legend had it the streets were paved with gold.

Little did he know that he was to become entwined in a thrilling struggle between the Fairy Bow Bells and the villainous

ruler of the underworld King Rat. Join Dick in this brand new, thrilling, pantomime adventure as he ventures forth from

the port of London aboard the ‘Pungent Pilchard’, walks the plank, visits Davy Jones Locker, gets washed ashore on an

exotic island, battles with pirates and a plague of rats, makes his fortune and all before marrying his true love and

becoming Lord Mayor of London. In true Player’s tradition this latest pantomime features spectacular scenery and

costumes, toe-tapping music and dancing, hilarious comedy, and a host of wonderful pantomime characters. You won’t

want to miss Dick’s journey as he discovers that ‘dreams really do come true!’

EARLY BOOKING is strongly recommended


Friday 25th September - Principals (1)

From 7.30pm onwards   Audition slots by appointment for the following roles:  

Dick Whittington / Alice Fitzwarren / Idle Jack / Dame Mary the Cook

(auditionees may audition for a secondary role ie. Fairy/King Rat, but no more than 2 characters even if they wish to be considered for other roles)


Sunday 27th September (morning ) -  Company Workshop and Auditions  

9.30am Registration for 10.00am prompt start (finishing approx 11.45am)  

Adult Company - Minimum 16 years of age (16 year olds must have completed school year 11)

Junior Company - CHILDREN with minimum height of 5ft and under 16 years of age  

*Please wear something suitable for movement*


Sunday 27th September (afternoon) -  Principals (2)

From 12.00pm onwards   Audition slots by appointment for roles the following character roles:

Fairy Bow Bells / King or Queen Rat / Alderman Fitzwarren / Charley the Cat /

The Pirate Duo…Old Bushy Beard and No Beard / Captain Cod / Sultan

(auditionees may audition for a secondary role ie. Fairy/King Rat, but no more than 2 characters even if they wish to be considered for other roles)  

****Those auditioning for principal roles who also wish to be considered for Company MUST attend company audition.  

****Principals, please prepare your own song for audition and bring music track along .

Enquiries: Adult auditions contact Caroline Warren on and

Junior auditions contact Angie Fox on


Friday 2nd October - Children's Auditions

6.00pm  Registration for 6.30pm prompt start  

Children must be a minimum age of 6 years old with a maximum height of 4' 11''  

For details contact Angie Fox on



1: Dick Whittington: (Male) Principal Boy.

Dick arrives in London penniless - he may not have much at the moment but has high aspirations for the future and becoming The Lord Mayor of London.

Strong singing and ability to move well, along with some comedy.  

2: Alice Fitzwarren: (Female) Principal Girl.

She is the young daughter of a London business man. Alice is a sensible and confident young lady but yearns for romance, however, her father is rather strict and frowns upon her liaison with the dashing Dick Whittington. 

Strong singing and dancing required.

3: Mary the Cook – (Dame) -

Direct from The Great British Bake Off!Strong comic lead – works very closely with ‘Idle Jack’ her son. Mary works for Fitzwarren and later becomes the Ship’s cook.

Must have the ability to connect with audience and should be able to put a song over confidently 

4: ‘Idle’ Jack: (Male)

This is the comic lead. As his name implies Jack is certainly at the back of the queue when there is work to be done. He is however a very loveable character who ‘lives in’ at Fitzwarren’s store along with his mother (Dame).

Singing and strong comedy required. Must be able to lead an audience.  

5: Alderman Fitzwarren: (Male) Proprietor of a general store.

He is strict, yet kindly at times, worries a lot and is devoted to his only daughter Alice and is suspicious of any prospective suitor. 

5: Captain Cod: (Male) Master of the ship.

Very loud and strict! Only appears in Act two, so could double up as company in Act one.  

6: Sultan: (Male) The owner of a vast kingdom.

A very, very strong comical part. Is required to walk on his knees at all times to suggest a small stature (As Lord Farquaard in Shrek the Musical).

Only appears in Act two, so could double up as company in Act one

7: Old Bushy Beard (Male).

A pirate who has huge aspirations. He wants his treasure at any cost. He has a hook for an arm and an eye patch.Strong comedy and some singing required.  

8: No Beard: (Male/Female)

A silly pirate who follows his captain. Strong comedy and some singing required. 

9: King/Queen Rat: (Male or Female)

The scourge of London Town, and the distinct “Baddie” of the piece. He/She is and leader of the vermin army and turns out to be a formidable foe for our hero and his cat.

Singing and some movement required.  

10: Fairy Bow-Bells: (Female) A Fairy who tells the story in rhyme and looks after the fortunes of our hero Dick Whittington.

Strong singing required.

11: Charley the Cat: (Male of Female)

Should ideally have a few gymnastic skills and the ability to mime feline characteristics. A non- speaking role (apart from the odd meow!) but very much involved in the show.  

12: Company: Adults (16 years and over + Juniors under 16)

We’re looking for a team of company members who exude enthusiasm, energy and have the ability to develop their own characters; from ‘Cockney folk’ to ‘Rough Necked Pirates’!

The ability to sing and dance confidently is a must. There will also be an opportunity for more advanced dancers to shine!

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