'JUNIOR COMPANY' Audition Results:

We are delighted to announce the results of the Junior Company Cast

for our forthcoming production of 'The Sound of Musicals'.

Huge congratulations to the following:

Amy Rose Clarke / Ben Wegg / Bethany Skillings / Cristelle Leek / Eloise Evans / Erin Halliday /

Eve Westgate / Evie Forsdicke / Fearne Louise Trigg / Grace Davey / Harley Page /

Jack Bloomfield / Katelyn Cornish / Lauren Benjamin / Leanne Wing / Lois Harvey /

Noah Keeler / Sarah Hubbard / Shalaina Hawes / Thomas Major

Congratulations to all those who have been cast.

We are so sorry we were unable to cast everyone who auditioned this time round.





We are delighted to announce the casting results for our forthcoming musical 'HAIRSPRAY'.

Huge congratulations to the following:

Without further ado, we'd like to say Welcome to the Sixties to our fantastic cast!

Tracey Turnblad - BETHANY LEWIS

Edna Turnblad - DARRYL PEEK

Wilbarston Turnblad - STEPHEN WILSON


Corney Collins - CHRIS PENN

Velma Von Tussell - JOANNE 'HOWIE' FORSTER

Amber Von Tussell - POLLY WOODWARD

Penny Pingleton - DANIELLE NEWMAN

Prudy Pingleton - SUZIE KINGSTON

Motormouth Maybelle - PAULA CRISP

Little Inez - KELLY REED



Mr Spritzer - MARTYN FIELD













Gilbert - BEN NORMAN




'CHILDREN'S' Pantomime Audition Results:

We are delighted to announce the results of the Children's Cast for our forthcoming panto extravaganza.

Huge congratulations to the following

Yasmin Feek / Ruby Thurston / Katelyn Cornish / Orlaith Burgess / Solomon Read /

Jack Bloomfield / Grace-Dilara Davey / Ashton Rose Burgess / Shalaina Hawes / Eloise Evans

Congratulations to all those who have been cast. First rehearsal Thursday 13th October at 6.15pm to 8.30pm).

We are so sorry we were unable to cast everyone who auditioned this time round.




We are both excited and delighted to announce the results of our adult cast for our forthcoming panto extravaganza.

Following two days of viewing lots of excellent auditions  here is our Panto Cast:

Snow White .... CHANTEL MORTON

Queen Evilina .... DAYNA WILLIAMS

Fairy Nuff .... JUDI MARS

Dame Nanny Nik-Nak .... STEPHEN CLARK

Muddles .... LEWIS CAPLIN

Trump the Henchman .... LAWRIE GROOM

Prince Florian .... (to be announced)

Victor –Victoria the Valet .... PAT CREGAN

The Seven Dwarfs and Company

Guvnor .... MARTYN FIELD

Crazy .... DAVID EVANS


Grisley .... MATT WADE

Snotty .... ELLA WARREN


Dippy .... BEN NORMAN

The Company 











Congratulations to all those who have been cast. First rehearsal tomorrow night (Wednesday 5th October at 7.30pm).

A read through for all named scripted characters will follow on Thursday 6th October at 7.30pm.

We are sorry we were unable to cast everyone who auditioned this time round. Please don't be put off from trying again for one of our future shows.




A Spectacular, Comedy Pantomime for the Whole Family.

Snow White, Dame Nanny Nik-Nak, Muddles and the Seven Dwarfs along with a host of crazy pantomime characters will be waiting to take you on a rollercoaster ride of mayhem and madcap merriment in this post New Year treat!

In true Players tradition this fast moving comedy pantomime with toe-tapping music, stunning scenery and colourful costumes will entertain and enchant the whole family. Packed with special effects, hilarious slapstick comedy and plenty of audience participation, this pantomime cannot fail to be a winner!

‘Snow White’ is being performed by the award-winning Lowestoft Players who have an excellent reputation for being one of the finest Amateur theatre Groups in the Eastern Region. They have been staging their annual Pantomime in town since 1967.




Hi ….. Following hot on the heels of our latest Musical ‘SPAMALOT’, Pantomime AUDITIONS have been set for Sunday 2nd OCTOBER 2016.

‘Snow White’ along with ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is one of our top three box office titles. Our latest version of SNOW WHITE is loosely based on elements from our previous successful productions with a new revised script by Jimmy Atkin. It includes all the traditional panto ingredients …. A Pantomime Dame, Zany Comedy Characters, the Wicked Aunt Evilina, a traditional motherly Fairy, great music, amazing costumes, spectacular scenery and MUCH, MUCH MORE!



Assistant Direction by DEANNE DICKSON

Choreography by BETHANY FREEMAN

Children’s Choreography  by BETHANY LEWIS

Rehearsal Musical Direction and Vocal Coach – REBECCA GEORGE-BROOM

Musical Direction for the Performance Run by MIKE WEST

Production Assistant CAROLINE WARREN

Stage Manager JAN TAKMAN



Thursday 19th January                                   Technical Run Thru

Friday 20th  January                                        Dress Rehearsal

 Performance Dates                                                         Matinee                        Evening

Saturday                       21st   Jan          2017                   1.00pm                          5.30pm

Sunday                         22nd  Jan                                      1.00pm                          5.30pm


Thursday                      26th  Jan                                       ------------                         7.30pm

Friday                            27th  Jan                                       ------------                         7.30pm

Saturday                       28th  Jan                                      2.30pm                          7.30pm

Sunday                         29th Jan                                        2.30pm                          ------------


A total of 9 performances in all. There will also be approximately two weeks break over Christmas, so that everyone can enjoy Christmas and New Year with their families.


SNOW WHITE  will aim to maintain our 49 year old tradition of staging the best panto in town!!!

So the Creative Team is very much hoping that Members both old and new will audition for the Player’s latest pantomime extravaganza. As always the intention is to produce a company show that will tempt a cast of all ages. So don’t miss out!


The Snow White Cast includes:          

 9 Principal character roles along with a supporting Company of Singers, Dancers and Movers. We are looking for a company of Character Performers of varying ages and skills. The Seven Dwarfs will be played by Company members and there will be ample opportunities to develop other individual cameo performances. There is lots to do and some great musical numbers to perform. 



We are looking for 2 teams of Juveniles for Muddles’s Gang and other roles. Children (boys and girls) should be no taller than 5 ft, have dynamic, confident personalities and above all charm. The ability to Sing and Move / or Dance is a must.



As in recent years we are also looking for 2 teams of young talented performers 13 / 14 or 15 year olds who will perform alongside both the Adult and Children’s Company. They must have dynamic and confident personalities. The ability to Sing and Move / or Dance is a must.


Additional Audition Information: The AUDITION SONG for COMPANY is I GOTTA FEELIN’

However, if you are auditioning for any of the Principal Character Roles you are free to bring along any song of your choice that you feel shows off your singing voice and may also suit the specific character role you are auditioning for.

(This should be in the form of a backing track).


A complete list of those included in the cast will posted on both the Players’ Website and on the Players Facebook page.

Please Note: that there will be no notification to those who have not been successful in their audition.



To Audition you must be or become a fully paid up member of The Lowestoft Players and pay the appropriate show levy.

Full Membership …. £30 (per year)….. Payable at the Audition

Students/Seniors/UB40’s…. £17.50 (per year)….. Payable at the Audition

Additional Show Levy…. £20 (per show) …. Payable at the first Rehearsal  

Please note that ‘Christmas Spectacular’ cast members, who are also auditioning for panto will pay a reduced Show Levy

(Also where appropriate, monies will be returned to unsuccessful auditionees once the audition process is over)



To begin with rehearsals will be organised for Wed / Thurs evenings… Although in the early stages we will endeavour to organize rehearsals so that no one is required more than twice a week.

All rehearsals would normally start at 7.30pm prompt, finishing at 10pm.

Rehearsals may step up as the production progresses, with occasional Sunday afternoons nearer the performance dates.


FIRST REHEARSALS….    FULL COMPANY – Wednesday 5th October at 7.30pm  /  PRINCIPAL READ THRU’ – Thursday 6th October at 7.30pm


 A list of Character roles is detailed below. We do hope that after reading them you will be encouraged to come along and get involved in this exciting production.

Alternatively if you know of anyone who is not a member and needs little persuasion to audition, why not pass this information in their direction.


Please note that the Players operate an OPEN AUDITION policy, inviting both established members and prospective new members to audition.

New members are always very welcome.

As well as performing roles, there are also many non-performing roles behind the scenes that are vital to the staging of all of our major productions.




(New Members Welcome)








Covers Dance / Movement and Singing

FOR ALL AUDITIONEES - PROMPT Registration 9.30am

AUDITION WORKSHOP (10am – 12.00pm)

(All auditionees must be 16 years or over).




 (approximately 12.30pm – 5.30pm)

Please note an appointment system will operate for this section.

If you are auditioning for more than 2 roles you may wish to book more than one 10min timed slot.

If you are auditioning for the Dame you may be directed towards a separate specific timed window slot.



Are available from CAROLINE WARREN on

07969 443784 or








We are looking for Confident Boys and Girls with



PROMPT Registration 5.30pm

WORKSHOP - 6.00pm – 7.30pm



CAROLINE WARREN on 07969 443784 or





Principal Character Roles:


SNOW WHITE                                                                                 (Female – playing age 16)

A Princess and ‘picture of innocence’. This is a major Principal Girl role, around whom the whole story revolves. Snow White should be both beautiful and charming. She sees only the good in everyone. A good singing voice is essential and the ability to move or dance would also be useful.

There are opportunities to develop a more ‘gutsier’ character here.


FAIRY  NUFF                                                                                   (Female – 40+)

Good, Helpful, Magical …. .A warm, traditional good fairy role, however this could be played in many ways and open to interpretation….. We also see her as a ‘mother figure’ to the orphaned Snow White, who lost both her mother and father when she was very young.  She is guardian of the forest and of all that is good. 

A good singing voice and the ability to put over a Song or two would be a real asset!


QUEEN EVILINA                                                                             (Female – playing age 35+)

A Wicked Sorceress with a heart of stone… Selfish and Vane. Snow White’s Evil Aunt…. A real baddie who ouses both charm and venom with real relish. A bit of a dragon really!  …. A great Character role!

A good singing voice and the ability to put over a Song would be a real asset!


MUDDLES                                                                                          (Male… any age)

Son to Nanny Nik Nak… Hired Help around the castle and extremely Silly. A lovable, comic character role that is a foil for both Snow White and Dame Nanny Nik-Nak. He must have the ability to work an audience, instantly developing their support and sympathy, especially when he learns that Snow White does not love him. Gets to work with the juvenile troup…. A good singing voice and the ability to put over a song is a must. A cheeky chappie!


NURSE NANNY NIK-NAK (the Pantomime Dame)      (Male… playing age 40+)

Nanny to Snow White and Housekeeper to the castle. She is also Muddle’s mother. This is your traditional pantomime dame….. motherly, lovable, funny, the key member of the comedy line-up! Very much a man playing a woman and never letting the audience forget that! A great role for anybody who is up for a challenge, enjoys knock-about fun and has good comic timing. Some Singing!!!

(For anybody new to this type of role, there will be lots of direction and support throughout the rehearsal process !!!)


Come on Guys .... Give it a Go!


TRUMP, the Henchman                                                              (Male… playing age 30’s / 40’s)

Gormless right hand man to the Queen… starts out as a bit of a baddie, but has a change of heart on the way, turning to the good side! A great role for character interpretation!


PRINCE FLORIAN                                                                          (Male… playing age 20’s)

‘The principal boy’…. Handsome, Dashing, Romantic, Virile, Gorgeous, Charismatic with a strong singing voice  (don’t want much do we?).  This is not a ‘wet’ role. Warm, charming Boy Band appeal!!!


VICTOR THE VALET                                                                   (Male…. 20+ / could be any age)

Loyal Man Servant and Friend to the Prince…The Prince’s right-hand man!


THE MIRROR                                                                                  (Voice only)

Reflects only the Truth, Honesty…… This will be a pre-recorded film sequence, incorporating special visual effects and shown both as a video projection.


* Please note, all playing ages are just a guide


THE SEVEN DWARFS…  All double as Company Members           (Male and Female)

 The seven of the dwarfs will be played by adult performers from within the pantomime company. We are looking for seven very different characterizations and voices. Each dwarf will have their own radio mike and perform all of the dialogue and songs live.

The dwarfs make two appearances at the end of Act One and several appearances in Act Two

Please note that all dwarfs will be required to perform on their knees and wear special costumes that give the illusion that they are very short people (similar to Lord Farquaad in ‘Shrek the musical’ and Lawrie’s Sultan role in last year’s ‘Dick Whittington’ panto).

Protective knee padding will be provided for both rehearsals and performances.

GUV:                   Leader of the Dwarves, Responsible, Sensible- Playing Age 40’s

CHUCKLE:      Happy Soul - Playing Age 20’s to 30’s

GRISLEY:        Bad Tempered, Irritable - Playing Age 40’s

WIMPY:            Worrier, Uneasy - Playing Age 20’s to 30’s

CRAZY:            Very Crazy - Playing Age 20’s to 30’s


SNOTTY:          Always has a cold and a Hanky - Playing Age 20’s to 30’s


DIPPY:              In his own little world, Lovable- Playing Age 20’s to 30’s


* Please note, all playing ages are just a guide


THE COMPANY        (Male and Female)

Will play Towns Folk, Servants, Ghouls, Sprites, Guards, etc

Actors / Singers / Dancers and Movers of All Ages with strong stage presence.




On behalf of the Creative Team thanks for being patience and reading this far.

GOOD LUCK if you are auditioning and we look forward to seeing you soon.



STOP PRESS - 'A Christmas Spectacular' CAST ANNOUNCEMENT:

EXCITING NEWS!    Here is our CAST.....








TUESDAY 21st JUNE 2016




CHRIS DARNELL ..... King Arthur

IAN CARTER ..... Patsy

STEPHEN CLARK ..... Sir Lancelot / Guard 2 / Chief Knight of Ni

CHRIS PENN..... Sir Robin

TOM GUTTRIDGE ..... Sir Galahad / Guard 1

DAVID EVANS ..... Sir Bedevere / Mrs Galahad / Concorde / Ensemble

TOM HOLT......Historian / Not Dead Fred / Prince Herbert / Minstrel 2/ Marcel Marceau

BETHANY LEWIS .... The Lady of the Lake

JIMMY ATKIN ..... Finish Mayor / Herbert’s Father / Ensemble

MARTYN FIELD ..... Prince Herbert’s Guard 1 / French Taunter 1 / Ensemble

THOMAS HIGGINS ..... Minstrel 1 / Dancing Nun / Laker Frog / Ensemble

BEN NORMAN...... Knight of Ni 2 / French Guard 3 / Prince Herbert’s Guard 4 / Ensemble

PETER SIMMEN ..... Father Maynard / Minstrel 3 / French Guard 4 / Ensemble

MATT WADE ..... Sir Not Appearing / French Guard 2 / Tim the Enchanter / Ensemble

SIMON WARREN..... Black Knight / Killer Rabbit Puppeteer / Dancing Monk / Ensemble

SAMI BAIN ...... Showgirl / Ensemble

LOUISE CLARKE ...... Showgirl / Ensemble

EMILY FOX ..... Showgirl / Ensemble

KELLY REED ..... Showgirl / Ensemble

ELLA WARREN ..... Showgirl / Ensemble

DAYNA WILLIAMS ...... Showgirl / Ensemble

MICHELLE WILSON..... Showgirl / Ensemble

BETHAN ROSCOE ..... Backing Vocalist

HAZEL COLE ..... Backing Vocalist   

Thank you to everyone that auditioned. We are so pleased with this stunning cast line-up for our forthcoming production. Huge amounts of fun and hilarity is waiting to explode from our first rehearsals which begin tomorrow.

Thankyou also to all of those not cast this time round!


SUNDAY 22nd MAY 2016


Celebrating over 49 years of entertainment, the award- winning Lowestoft Players present

FOLLOWING A FABULOUS BROADWAY RUN,  3 TRIUMPHANT YEARS IN THE WEST END and 2 SUCCESSFUL UK TOURS, the international award-winning hit musical Spamalot has now been released for amateur theatre groups to perform and the Lowestoft Players will be one of the first societies in the eastern region to perform it.

It won’t be long before Monty Python’s Spamalot gallops into Lowestoft to the sound of banging coconut shells. Lovingly ripped off from the classic film comedy ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’, Spamalot is a ‘kind-of new musical’ with a book by Eric Idle and a musical score created by Eric Idle and John Du Prez. It is one of the funniest musicals ever and features many of the classic Python sketches. There are dozen’s of roles for both Men and Women, including numerous opportunities for cast members to play multiple roles. Spamalot tells the legendary tale of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and features a bevy (or possibly a brace) of beautiful show girls, not to mention cows, killer rabbits and Finnish and French people. The show features fantastic tunes more magical than a Camelot convention, including ‘He Is Not Dead Yet’, ‘Knights of the Round Table’, ‘Find Your Grail’, ‘Song That Ends Like This’ and of course the Nation’s Favourite Comedy Song (Reader’s Digest Poll 2010 - before it went bust), ‘Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life’.

CURRENTLY planned for 9 Performances... 

Technical Rehearsal:        Wednesday 7th Sept...................... TBA                 

Full Dress Rehearsal:       Thursday 8th Sept.......................... TBA

First Performance:            Friday 9th Sept.............................. 7.30pm                                          

                                        Saturday 10th Sept........................ 7.30pm

                                        Sunday 11th Sept........................... 6.30pm

                                        Tuesday 13th Sept.......................... 7.30pm

                                        Wednesday 14th Sept.....................7.30pm 

                                       Thursday 15th Sept.........................7.30pm

                                        Friday 16th Sept..............................7.30pm

Final Performance:           Saturday 17th Sept............2.30pm / 7.30pm   




Choreography by KATIE WARNES

Musical Direction by FRANCESCA WARREN

Production Assistant PAULA CRISP

Stage Manager JAN TAKMAN






STOP PRESS - Introducing our 'Sister Act' Cast:

After a 'fabulous' two days of auditions we are delighted to announce our 'Sister Act' Cast.

Thank you to all those talented people that auditioned, but as is always the case... only one person can be cast to each of the roles available.

Sadly there will be some disappointments as we are also restricted to a maximum cast size. Turning away talented people is inevitable, especially

when there was such a high turnout of auditionees. Please accept our commiserations if you have not been cast this time round.

Please don’t let it put you off trying again. The Players have a number of great shows coming up over the next 18 months…..

the hilarious musical comedy Monty Python's 'SPAMALOT' for September 2016!!! Following that is our December 2016 production of

'A CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR' and our annual Pantomime Extravaganza 'SNOW WHITE' in January 2017.

Congratulations to our following Cast Members:

Deloris Van Cartier LAUREN NEVILL



Mother Superior JUDI MARS

Sister Mary Robert ISSY ANDERSON


Sister Mary Patrick BETH LEWIS

Sister Mary Lazarus DEANNE DICKSON





Michelle TBA



Female Company




Male Company


FIRST REHEARSAL for the ENTIRE CAST will be WEDNESDAY 17th FEBRUARY.... 6.45pm - 7.30pm for cast photographs / programme headshots followed by FULL READ/SING THRU.





UPDATE 26/01/16  and further information:

Auditions piece now available to download by going to

Tueday 9th Feb
Meet the Production team
Information night, this is your chance to review all the parts available and whats required for auditions, as well as a brief overview of the show.
You will also be able to book your time slot if wanting to audition for a part with Annie on the night or call 07713 131648

Wednesday 10th Feb
sing through evening with Francesca Warren
Men at 6.30 for company song
Women at 7pm for company song

If you are considering auditioning for the below parts other than Tina/Michelle, no need to come along to the company,sing through,to just come along on the Sunday morning workshop, If you are going for a principle part only, come along to the times listed below.
8.10pm Deloris
8.30 Mother Superior
8.40 Mary Robert
8.50 Mary lazarus Tina/Michelle

Mother Superior ( No movement involved with this part, however you will need to attend the workshop on the Sunday morning if you also want to be considered for company).

7.30pm Joey/TJ/Pablo
Pablo there is some script that is in Spanish, we will be looking for clear pronunciation, however we will be looking to get a clear recording of some sort to support with this.

If you are auditioning for any of the above parts you need NOT attend the sing through at 6.30 unless you want to be considered for company.
7.45pm Curtis
7.55 Eddie
Curtis and Eddie if you want to be considered for company then please attend the workshop on the Sunday morning
Monsignor O’Hara (Book audition slot for the Sunday afternoon, Need not attend the Workshop in the morning unless you want to be considered for the company). Please come along to the mens sing through on Wednesday at 6.30pm.

General Notes:

Please be aware that there are several small character roles and should you wish to be considered, you will need to learn a small piece of script, we are asking you to take on your own interpretation of this and deliver to us in your own style.
We would also like you to try to learn the words to the songs that you will be auditioning for, as well as the script so we can see you at your best.

Auditions on Thursday evening will begin at 6.45pm prompt,
Please come along with appropriate footwear to both the workshops and your own individual auditions.

First rehearsals: will be Wednesday 17th 7.15pm Full Company and Thursday 18th 7.15pm Full Company

All Audition Pieces are now available At …
Click on each link to be able to download all script, music, and also listen to the music

Member ship £30 (18yrs above) full time employment
£17.50 students, concessions, unemployed
Show levy £15 to be paid on the day of audition, we can accept card payment.
Please arrive prompt and ready to give it your all



***** Thanks for a fantastic show this evening, we laughed so much our faces ached.

*****Outstanding performance from The Players tonight. We loved it, the kids definitely loved it.

*****Great panto tonight with The Lowestoft player you were all so amazing,the whole thing was great definitely returning back,great performance,great costumes and so funny

*****Epic show can't wait for next year's Snow White

*****We had a brilliant time!!! Well done to everyone involved, yet again The Players have put on a superb show!!



'A Christmas Spectacular' WOWS AUDIENCES:

***** What an absolutely amazing evenings uplifting...... And guys the twelve days of Christmas was hilarious and truly Christmas spectacular so far....well done to all involved.

***** Brilliant never laughed so much as I did at the 4 "ladies " and 12 days of Christmas Santa gave to me.

***** Congratulations on an amazing show this afternoon......Hallelujah was breathtaking, absolutely incredible!

***** Absolutely loved A Christmas Spectacular, the best one yet! Well done everyone involved.




For 6 performances

Tuesday 7th to Saturday 11th June 2016

Nightly 7.30pm   / Matinee 2.30pm (Sat 11th)

Director: Karen Carter and Nicholas Garrod

Musical Director: Francesca Warren

Choreographer: Louise Hebborn

Production Assistant : Ann Richards-Croft  / 07713 131648




When reading this brief storyline of Sister Act it is good to remember that Deloris is a nightclub singer, loud brash and full of life. And the nuns on the other hand are, quite & calm, or are they? The many characters, including the nuns are full of comic fun and mischief. Put this together with a fantastic score, loud 70’s costumes and you will see what a great show Sister Act is. Now read on…………


We are in a night club and Deloris Van Cartier and her two friends are auditioning for Deloris’s gangster boyfriend Curtis Shank. Deloris believes he is going to let her sing at the club although she soon learns that this is not to be. So she decides to break up with Curtis and head out of Philadelphia to go fulfil her dreams on her own. However before she leaves she is witness to Curtis and his gang of nephew TJ, Joey, and Pablo, who shoot someone they believe has "squealed" about them to the cops. Making a quick escape with the gang in pursuit Deloris goes to the police. The desk chief Eddie, (who as it turns out went to school with Deloris and had a crush on her) decides that Deloris needs to go into the witness protection program and sends her to the one place he believes Curtis will never find her - a convent.

However the Mother Superior is non to happy about the arrangements and informs Deloris that she cannot smoke, drink, or wear any of her less than appropriate clothing. Dressed now as a nun she meets the other nuns for dinner and discovers how they got their "calling" from the Lord. They then ask Deloris to share her story with them putting her on the spot, but with some quick thinking she spins a tale.

Later that night Deloris decides to hit the town she goes across the street to a slinky bar, but is followed by Sister Mary Patrick, and Sister Mary Robert. When they arrive they are shocked to find Sister Mary Clarence (Deloris' undercover name) drinking and dancing, however they assume that she is attempting to save the lost souls in the bar. Deloris goes along with this idea, however the joyful mood is quickly destroyed when Deloris recognises TJ, Joey & Pablo in the bar. They think they see Deloris and approach what turns out to be a drag queen resulting in a fight and another mad cap chase. Deloris, Mary Roberts and Mary Patrick escape only to come face to face with Eddie and the Mother Superior. Eddie tells Deloris that Curtis has upped the price on her head, so she needs to be careful and keep a low profile.

The following morning Deloris attends the choir practice and loudly admits that the choir sounds terrible. This prompts the Mother Superior to let Deloris lead the choir. Deloris does so and teaches the nuns how to sing in key and on time. She also manages to break the quiet and timid Sister Mary Robert out of her shell. That Sunday, the choir perform an up-tempo hymn which to the struggling church's surprise brings in more people and more donations. The Mother Superior is horrified but Monsignor O’Hara thinks it’s wonderful and news of the choir soon spreads with photographers and news reporters coming in to get the story behind the latest sensation.

Over the coming weeks, the choir become incredibly successful, however the newfound fame comes at a price. Curtis and his goons spot Deloris with the choir on T.V. and Curtis orders his boys to get into the convent and bring Deloris back.

At the church, Monsignor O’Hara has some terrific news: the choir has been asked to perform a special concert in front of the Pope. The choir are overjoyed but nervous and later that night they ask Deloris to pray for their success. They are interrupted by the Mother Superior who tells Deloris she must leave with Eddie as Curtis knows where she is. The other nuns are shocked and confused and Deloris is forced to tell them the truth about who she really is and that she cannot stay and perform with them.

Eddie takes her to his house for the night, while there, initially overjoyed that soon she would be free of Curtis she feels guilty for abandoning her sisters when they needed her. She decides to return to the convent.

Deloris’s return to the convent sparks off emotions within the nuns, knowing her to be in danger they all want to help despite the Mother Superior saying just call the police. This prompts an outburst from the nuns to stand by Deloris and a cat and mouse chase follows with Curtis and his men. It all comes down to a final confrontation with Curtis, who is armed and dangerous. He finds Deloris but didn’t count on the nuns telling him that he will have to go through them first. Curtis is about to start firing when Eddie comes in and saves the day. And with Curtis and his boys arrested Eddie finally asks Deloris out on a date.

The Mother Superior and Deloris come to a truce and accept that perhaps they are not so different after all. The show ends with all the nuns and eventually the entire cast performing for the Pope.

SISTER ACT CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS & AUDITION PIECES:                                                        

Please see all information as a guide for you for all characters. We are looking for a diverse company of all ages for this show. Set in Philadelphia 1977.

Deloris Van Cartier (Playing age Range: 30–40) A would be star, she is a loud brash character with great comedy timing, excellent singing voice and good movement required. Alto/mezzo (vocal range E3 (below middle C) - F#5)Dialogue: P3–P6, P15–P18 & P22–P24 Select one of these 2 songs: Take Me to Heaven - Nightclub (bars 19–61) or Fabulous Baby (bars start–69) Plus sing all of the Sister Act song.

Eddie (Playing age Range: 30–40) He is a sweet nervous policeman who dreams of being confident and brave. School boy crush on Deloris. Good vocals and movement are required. Lot of comedy potential Tenor (vocal range Ab2-B4) Dialogue: P15–P18 Songs: I could be that guy. Whole song 

Curtis (Playing age Range: 30–50) Gangster club owner who is very smooth and calculating, has a nasty streak. Good vocals and minimal movement required. High baritone (vocal range A2-Ab4).Dialogue: P3–P6 & P11–P12 Songs: When I find my baby. Whole song.  

Mother Superior (Playing age Range: 35–70) Firm but fair nun, very dignified and ladylike. Try’s hard to keeps to the old ways of doing things and will protect her nuns to the last. Good vocals and minimal movement required. Alto (vocal range D3-E5) Dialogue: P21–P24 & P73–P75 Songs: Here Within These Walls (bars 1–40), I haven't got a Prayer (bars 1 - 43 and 92–end) or bar 65 –end. 

Sister Mary Robert (Playing age Range: 16–25) A young, innocent postulant, shy and quiet. Left as a baby outside the church, this is all she has known. Until Deloris brings out the best in her and helps her to know what and where she really belongs. Excellent vocals and good movement required. Mezzo/soprano with belt–vocal range from F#3 (below middle C)-A5. Dialogue: P97–P99 Songs: Nuns audition pieces Take me to Heaven Bar 39-81 plus The Life I never led (whole song minus dialogue in middle of number) 

Monsignor O’Hara (Playing age Range: 40–70) A gentle, kind man who is a bored, uninspired preacher until he becomes more confident and more like a Las Vegas compere, think Barry White when doing dialogue over intro to Sunday Morning Fever. Not a singing or dancing role. Dialogue: P73–P75 Song: N/A Could have an Irish/American accent.  

Sister Mary Patrick (Playing age Range: 18 -30) A fun and enthusiastic nun, larger than life character, known for enjoying everything lots of comedy potential.Excellent vocals and good movement required. Soprano (vocal range G3-E6). Dialogue: P27–P29 48-49 Songs: Nuns audition pieces Take me to Heaven Bar39-81 

Sister Mary Lazarus (Playing age Range: 50 -70) An older, crabby choir mistress, snappy and seemingly grumpy. Has to rap and move quiet well. Lots of comedy potential. Alto (vocal range F3-B4). Dialogue: P58/9/60 Songs: Sunday Morning Fever (bars 119–131) from “A hip hop, ahippity” and Take me to Heaven Bar 39-81  

Joey (Playing age Range: 20–50) One of “Curtis? thugs, a gentle giant, makes out he is tuff and dangerous but isn’t naturally capable. Needs to bring out the comedy in this role. Good vocals and movement required. Tenor (vocal range Bb2-Eb5).  As there is very little dialogue all together on one page we would like you to prepare a brief piece about yourself as this character. Also in the song: Lady in the Long Black Dress from start of dialogue to bar 25 then bar 63 when all 3 join make sure you sing your line marked. Song: Take me to Heaven bar 39-81. Take a look on youtube at this number, it will help you with the character.  

TJ (Playing age Range: 16–25) “Curtis? nephew and part of the gang. A young, dumb character. Again needs to bring out the comedy within this role. Good vocals and movement required. Tenor (vocal range Db3-Eb5). As there is very little dialogue all together on one page we would like you to prepare a brief piece about yourself as this character. Plus the script going into the song: Lady in the Long Black Dress (bars 26–49 then bar 63 when all 3 join in make sure you sing your line marked) Song: Take ME TO Heaven bar 39-81. Tate a look on youtube, it will help you with the character.  

Pablo (Playing age Range: 20 - 45) Another of Curtis? thugs. Speaks mostly Spanish. Thinks he’s a “love god? this in itself has comedy potential. Good vocals and movement required. High tenor (vocal range C4-F5) As there is very little dialogue all together on one page we would like you to prepare a brief piece about yourself as this character.  Songs: Lady in the Long Black Dress (bars 58–81 continue when all 3 join in make sure you sing your line marked) Song: Take me to Heaven bar 39-81.Take a look on youtube it will help you with the character.   

Michelle & Tina (also are Nuns) (Playing age Range: 20–40) Backing vocalist in “Curtis? club.Excellent vocals and movement required. Mezzo sopranos (vocal ranges Ab3-F5). Dialogue: P6–P7 Songs: Nuns audition pieces plusTake Me to Heaven (bars 54–66) 

Ernie (Playing age Range 25-50) One of Curtis’s men in two scenes only as Ernie but as company for rest of show. Makes out he’s a tough guy and loyal to his boss but in fact is the snitch. Dialogue: page 11. Song: Take me to Heaven (Bar 39-81) Sunday morning Fever (Bars 17- end sing M1-4, Laz line)    

Nuns plus other character roles. We are looking for all types, shapes and sizes, you need to be very animated and larger than life when performing songs. These nuns have a lot of comedy potential so you will need to throw yourself into the roles.  Good vocals, movement required as opposed to dancing. Dialogue for those wishing to have a small speaking role: P27–P29 Songs: Take Me to Heaven– Nun Choir Version (bars 39–81). Choose either Soprano, Alto, Bass part.We shall also require some show girl dancers from within the nuns. 

Male Ensemble plus other character roles: We shall require some male dancers. Also various named characters will be required. Dialogue for those wishing to have a small speaking role will be available: Good vocals, and there is some movement required. Songs: Men - Sunday Morning Fever (bars 17-end: sing M1-4, “Laz” line) Take me to Heaven same as nuns (Bar 39-81) 

Other named characters taken from within the company are: Pool Man, Policeman, x2 Hookers, Barmaid, Drag Queen, Cab driver, News caster, Alter men and workman. 

There are many clips on youtube of this show, take a look to get the feel of the characters.




For Further Information / Audition Pieces and Booking a Timed Audition Slot please contact: Production Assistant - Ann Richards-Croft  07713 131648 


'Sister Act' Information evening: Tuesday 9th Feb 7-15pm to find out all you need to know about this show and auditions.


Sing through audition pieces: with Francesca Wednesday 10th Feb, by timed slots, take this opportunity to go through your audition songs either one to one or in groups.


Auditions 1: Thursday 11th Feb, by timed slots for the roles of Deloris, Mother Superior, Eddie and Curtis.


Auditions 2: Sunday 14th Feb, for Nuns, company male/female and all other principal roles.


Registration will be at 9.50am. There is a show levy of £15 plus for new members there is a membership fee adults £37.50 con/students etc £17.50 please bring this to auditions. 


Group workshop singing and movement starts at 10.00am. Please wear suitable shoes and clothing for movement.


Auditions 3: for all other principal roles from 1pm time slotted. If you auditioned on Thursday you will need to attend the workshop on Sunday morning for movement.


Please contact Annie on 07713 131648 for all audition pieces and booking your time slot. Audition pieces available from early January.


The production team would like you to learn your pieces please or at least be familiar with them so we can assess your abilities.


First rehearsals: will be Wednesday 17th & Thursday 18th Feb, 7-15pm


All events will be held at The Players Theatre (The Bethe)

Follow the Players on  and



Stop Press: Introducing our 'Dick Whittington' Cast

Thank you for auditioning and Congratulations to our following Cast Members:

Dick Whittington - Lee Nevill

Alice - Lauren Nevill

Dame Mary - Stephen Wilson

Idle Jack - Stephen Clark

Fairy -  Issy Anderson

Queen Rat - Deanne Dickson

Alderman Fitzwarren - Andrew Liddon

Bushy Beard - Lewis Caplin

No Beard - Pat Cregan

Captain - Gerald Wilson

Charlie the Cat - Polly Woodward

Sultan - Not yet cast – to be selected from Company


Female Company

Alicia Fisher, Ella Warren, Louise Clarke, Dayna Williams, Beth Lewis, Beth Freeman, Sami Bain,

Kelly Reed, Michelle Wilson, Suzanne Kingston, Hazel Cole, Harriet Chambers, Chloe Smithson  

Male Company

Tom Higgins, Simon Warren, David Evans, Jimmy Atkin, Lawrie Groom, Robert Edmunds, Ben Norman 

Juniors (2 per group)

Thomas Major, Katie Wright, Hannah Crisp, Ruby Westgate


As is always the case only one person can be cast to each of the roles available, so sadly there will be some disappointments.  We are also restricted to a maximum cast

size, so turning away talented people is inevitable, especially when there is a high turnout of auditionees. Please accept our commiserations if you have not been cast this

time round. Please don’t let it put you off trying again. The Players have a number of great shows coming up over the next 18 months…..the fabulous, sensational musical

‘SISTER ACT’ and the hilarious musical comedy Monty Python's 'SPAMALOT' for September 2016!!! Following that is our 2016 production of 'A CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR'.




For 9 performances

Friday 22nd to Sunday 31st January 2016

Nightly 7.30pm (22nd/23rd/29th/30th)   / Matinee 2.30pm (23rd/30th/31st)

Sun 24th performances 1.00pm and 5.30pm  


Directors: John Marjoram and Wendy Takman

Choreographers: Wendy Takman and Beccie Amer

Children’s Choreographer: Beth Lewis

Choreography Assistant: Morgen Clarke

Musical Directors: Francesca Warren and Mike West

Stage Management: Jan Takman and Ryan Takman  

Years ago a young lad by the name of Richard Whittington set off on an amazing adventure, following his dreams for making a new life and seeking his fortune in the city of London, where legend had it the streets were paved with gold.Little did he know that he was to become entwined in a thrilling struggle between the Fairy Bow Bells and the villainous ruler of the underworld King Rat. Join Dick in this brand new, thrilling, pantomime adventure as he ventures forth from the port of London aboard the ‘Pungent Pilchard’, walks the plank, visits Davy Jones Locker, gets washed ashore on an exotic island, battles with pirates and a plague of rats, makes his fortune and all before marrying his true love and becoming Lord Mayor of London. In true Player’s tradition this latest pantomime features spectacular scenery and costumes, toe-tapping music and dancing, hilarious comedy, and a host of wonderful pantomime characters. You won’t want to miss Dick’s journey as he discovers that ‘dreams really do come true!’

EARLY BOOKING is strongly recommended


Friday 25th September - Principals (1)

From 7.30pm onwards   Audition slots by appointment for the following roles:  

Dick Whittington / Alice Fitzwarren / Idle Jack / Dame Mary the Cook

(auditionees may audition for a secondary role ie. Fairy/King Rat, but no more than 2 characters even if they wish to be considered for other roles)


Sunday 27th September (morning ) -  Company Workshop and Auditions  

9.30am Registration for 10.00am prompt start (finishing approx 11.45am)  

Adult Company - Minimum 16 years of age (16 year olds must have completed school year 11)

Junior Company - CHILDREN with minimum height of 5ft and under 16 years of age

*Please could everyone wear something suitable for movement*


Sunday 27th September (afternoon) -  Principals (2)

From 12.00pm onwards   Audition slots by appointment for roles the following character roles:

Fairy Bow Bells / King or Queen Rat / Alderman Fitzwarren / Charley the Cat /

The Pirate Duo…Old Bushy Beard and No Beard / Captain Cod / Sultan

(auditionees may audition for a secondary role ie. Fairy/King Rat, but no more than 2 characters even if they wish to be considered for other roles)  

****Those auditioning for principal roles who also wish to be considered for Company MUST attend company audition.  

****Principals, please prepare your own song for audition and bring music track along .

Enquiries: Adult auditions contact Caroline Warren on and

Junior auditions contact Angie Fox on


Friday 2nd October - Children's Auditions

6.00pm  Registration for 6.30pm prompt start  

Children must be a minimum age of 6 years old with a maximum height of 4' 11''  

For details contact Angie Fox on



1: Dick Whittington: (Male) Principal Boy.

Dick arrives in London penniless - he may not have much at the moment but has high aspirations for the future and becoming The Lord Mayor of London.

Strong singing and ability to move well, along with some comedy.  

2: Alice Fitzwarren: (Female) Principal Girl.

She is the young daughter of a London business man. Alice is a sensible and confident young lady but yearns for romance, however, her father is rather strict and frowns upon her liaison with the dashing Dick Whittington. 

Strong singing and dancing required.

3: Mary the Cook – (Dame) -

Direct from The Great British Bake Off!Strong comic lead – works very closely with ‘Idle Jack’ her son. Mary works for Fitzwarren and later becomes the Ship’s cook.

Must have the ability to connect with audience and should be able to put a song over confidently 

4: ‘Idle’ Jack: (Male)

This is the comic lead. As his name implies Jack is certainly at the back of the queue when there is work to be done. He is however a very loveable character who ‘lives in’ at Fitzwarren’s store along with his mother (Dame).

Singing and strong comedy required. Must be able to lead an audience.  

5: Alderman Fitzwarren: (Male) Proprietor of a general store.

He is strict, yet kindly at times, worries a lot and is devoted to his only daughter Alice and is suspicious of any prospective suitor. 

5: Captain Cod: (Male) Master of the ship.

Very loud and strict! Only appears in Act two, so could double up as company in Act one.  

6: Sultan: (Male) The owner of a vast kingdom.

A very, very strong comical part. Is required to walk on his knees at all times to suggest a small stature (As Lord Farquaard in Shrek the Musical).

Only appears in Act two, so could double up as company in Act one

7: Old Bushy Beard (Male).

A pirate who has huge aspirations. He wants his treasure at any cost. He has a hook for an arm and an eye patch.Strong comedy and some singing required.  

8: No Beard: (Male/Female)

A silly pirate who follows his captain. Strong comedy and some singing required. 

9: King/Queen Rat: (Male or Female)

The scourge of London Town, and the distinct “Baddie” of the piece. He/She is and leader of the vermin army and turns out to be a formidable foe for our hero and his cat.

Singing and some movement required.  

10: Fairy Bow-Bells: (Female) A Fairy who tells the story in rhyme and looks after the fortunes of our hero Dick Whittington.

Strong singing required.

11: Charley the Cat: (Male of Female)

Should ideally have a few gymnastic skills and the ability to mime feline characteristics. A non- speaking role (apart from the odd meow!) but very much involved in the show.  

12: Company: Adults (16 years and over + Juniors under 16)

We’re looking for a team of company members who exude enthusiasm, energy and have the ability to develop their own characters; from ‘Cockney folk’ to ‘Rough Necked Pirates’!

The ability to sing and dance confidently is a must. There will also be an opportunity for more advanced dancers to shine!

Follow the Players on  and





Here are the results of todays Auditions for a Junior Cast to peform in this years 'Christmas Spectacular'.
Amelie Rough , Danielle Newman, Eve Westgate, Jessica Tate, Kayleigh Clarke, Lacey Clarke, Ruby Westgate, Saffron Stedman-Wright, Shalaina Hawes, Thomas Major.

Thank you to everyone who auditioned... so much talent! Sorry to those we have had to disappoint this time round. There are further junior auditions next month for our forthcoming pantomime 'DICK WHITTINGTON aand the Pirate Adventure'.





Here is our Christmas Spectacular 2015 Cast
Main Soloists: Ashleigh Hitter, Charlotte Balls, Deanne Dickson, Hazel Cole, Jazmine Banks, Judi Mars, Lauren Nevill, Megan Barr, Sherry Geary, Simon Warren, Stephen Wilson, Jake Jenner,
Showgirls: Bethany Freeman, Charlotte Balls, Katie Warnes, Lauren Nevill, Megan Barr, Samantha Bain,
Company Chorus: Alan Sutton, Alicia Fisher, Ben Norman, Ella Warren, Jackie Darby, Lesley Moore, Louise Carroll, Marilyn Durrant, Maurice Garrod, Paula Crisp, Peter Simmen, Roz Payne, Samantha Cros,s Sarah Fish, Trevor Toms,

(Members From this group will also be chosen to sing solo/duets/trio sections as the show develops).
Company Singers:
Caroline Warren, Derek Monument, Sandra Skipper, Sarah Fox, Stephanie Clarke, Steph Garrod, Wendy Monument,
Comedy Additions:  Gerald Wilson & Lee Nevill
Thank you to all those who auditioned, the talent on offer was fantastic and the directorial team had a very hard job!

First rehearsal – Monday 24th August 7:15pm - See you there!  

TUESDAY 16th JUNE 2015

'A Christmas Spectacular 2015' Latest News:



Following last years sell out performances, A Christmas Spectacular returns with an 'All New' production for the 2015 Christmas Season. This years production

features festive songs, toe-tapping music, dancing, comedy and one or two old favourites. All performed against a glittering backdrop and set within the Player's

very own 200 seater venue. With a cast of over 40 performers including a children's dancing and singing troupe, this production is sure to entertain and enchant

the whole family.


TUESDAY 16th JUNE 2015

'GREASE' Cast List:



DANNY: Tom Guttridge

KENICKIE: Ricky Reeve

SONNY: Lawrie Groom

ROGER: Simon Warren

DOODY: Daniel Hughes

SANDY: Issy Anderson

RIZZO: Emily Simpson

FRENCHY: Lorna Tucker

MARTY: Claire Doughty

JAN: Angie Smith


PATTY: Georgi Bessey

WAITRESS / BLANCHE: Sandra Skipper

CHA-CHA: Kelly Reed

EUGENE: Campbell Trotter


TEEN ANGEL: Craig Lovatt


COMPANY / ENSEMBLE: Jimmy Atkin, Callum Howard, Emily Fox

PIT SINGERS: Stephanie Clarke, Sherry Geary, Daisy Tyrell-Kent, Caroline Warren,



As is always the case only one person can be cast to each of the roles available, so sadly there will be some disappointments.  We are also restricted to a maximum cast

size, so turning away talented people is inevitable, especially when there is a high turnout of auditionees. Please accept our commiserations if you have not been cast this

time round. Please don’t let it put you off trying again. The Players have a number of great shows coming up over the next 18 months…..‘A CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR’,

our annual pantomime ‘DICK WHITTINGTON', the musical ‘SISTER ACT’ and EXCITING NEWS for September 2016!!!


Thank you all once again…. The Creative Team


SUNDAY 7 th JUNE 2015

'GREASE' Auditions:

Do you want to audition to be part of GREASE with the Lowestoft Players?


DANNY: The leader of the “T-Birds.” Well-built, nice-looking, with an air of cool charm. Strong and confident. Must be a strong singer and dancer.

SANDY: Danny’s love interest. Sweet, wholesome, naïve, cute, but ends up turning into a really ‘hot chick’. Must be able to sing and move well.

RIZZO: Leader of the Pink Ladies. She is tough, sarcastic and outspoken but also vulnerable. Must be a strong singer and a confident actress.

FRENCHY: A dreamer. Good-natured , soft spoken, and a bit dumb. Heavily made-up, fussy about her appearance— particularly her hair. She can’t wait to finish high school so she can be a beautician.

MARTY: The busty flirtatious one of the Pink Ladies. Tries to act sophisticated. Must sing and harmonise well.

JAN: Slightly chubby, compulsive eater. Loud and pushy with the girls, but shy with boys. Must sing and harmonise well.

KENICKIE: Second-in-command of the T-Birds. Tough-looking, tattooed, surly, avoids any show of softness. Has an off-beat sense of humour and in a volatile relationship with Rizzo. Must sing and move well.

DOODY: Youngest of the guys. Small, boyish, open, with a disarming smile and a hero worshipping attitude toward Danny. He also plays the guitar. Must be able to sing confidently.

ROGER: The “anything-for-a-laugh” stocky type. Full of mischief, half-baked schemes and ideas. A clown who enjoys putting other people on. Must sing and move well.

SONNY: A wheeler-dealer who thinks he’s a real lady-killer. Must sing/harmonise, and move well.

PATTY: A typical cheerleader at a middle-class American public high school. Attractive and athletic. Aggressive, sure of herself, given to bursts of disconcerting enthusiasm. Catty, but in an All-American Girl sort of way.

She can also twirl a baton. A good dancer/mover needed for this role.

OTHER ROLES within Company.

CHA-CHA: (and company ensemble.) A Blind date. Slovenly, loud-mouthed and homely. Takes pride in being “the best dancer at St. Bernadette’s.”  You must be a strong dancer.

EUGENE: (and company ensemble.) The class nerd. Physically awkward, with weak eyes and a high-pitched voice.

VINCE FONTAINE: (and company ensemble.) A typical “teen audience” radio disc jockey. Slick, egotistical, fast-talking. A veteran “greaser.”

JOHNNY CASINO: (and company ensemble.) Leads a rock ‘n’ roll band and likes to think of himself as a real rock ‘n’ roll idol. Must be a confident singer with charisma.

TEEN ANGEL: (and company ensemble.) A good-looking singer who would have caused girls to swoon and scream back in 1958. Must be confident singer with sex appeal.

MISS LYNCH: (and company ensemble.) A stern uptight English teacher.

COACH CALHOON: (and company ensemble.) Sports coach.

WAITRESS: (and company ensemble.)

BLANCHE: (Small cameo) School secretary

There will be an INFORMATION NIGHT on Tuesday 9th June at 7pm at the PLAYERS THEATRE (The Bethel).

AUDITIONS will be held on Sunday 14th June.

10am-11am – ‘T-Birds’ – Male  Workshop/Audition for anyone going for the parts of Danny, Kenickie, Sonny, Roger or Doody. You will be required to sing and dance in groups so please wear appropriate clothing.

11am-12pm – ‘Pink Ladies’ – Female workshop/audition for anyone going for the parts of Sandy, Rizzo, Frenchy, Jan or Marty. You will be required to sing and dance in groups so please wear appropriate clothing.
12pm – 1pm – Company  - Anyone who has not attended the earlier male/female auditions and would like to be considered for company or a smaller role. You will be required to sing and dance in groups so please wear appropriate clothing.
2pm onwards – Principal Solo Auditions.
You will be required to read some script and sing.

If you would like to audition for any of the following roles then you need to book an audition slot for each role with Harriet or Hazel.
Danny / Kenickie / Doody / Sonny / Roger
Sandy / Rizzo / Marty / Jan / Frenchy / Patty
Johnny Casino / Vince Fontaine Teen Angel / Miss Lynch / Coach Calhoon / Waitress
Cha- Cha (dance audition)

For audition information please email Harriet at:


Introducing The Creative Team... 

DIRECTION by Harriet Shields

CHOREOGRAPHY by Anna Goodhand







Congratulations !!!

POLLY WOODWARD - Elle Woods                                                                                     

HARRIET SHIELDS - Paulette Buonufonte

LOUISE CLARKE - Brooke Wyndham / Shandi (Delta Nu 9)                            

DAYNA WILLIAMS - Vivienne Kensington

LUCY WILLIS  - Enid Hoopes

CHARLOTTE TROTTER - Margot (Delta Nu 1)                                                                   

MEGAN BARR  - Serena (Delta Nu 2)                                                                    

RIANNE    HAYNES  - Pilar  (Delta Nu 3)                                                        

TOM GUTTRIDGE - Emmett Forest

LEWIS CAPLIN - Warner Huntington III

JIMMY ATKIN -  Professor Callahan

HAZEL COLE - Kate (Delta Nu 4) / Chutney Wyndham                             

KATIE WARNES - Gabby (Delta Nu 5)                                                                     

ASHLIEGH HITTER -  Cece (Delta Nu 6) / Whitney                                                  

SAMANTHA BAIN - Gaelen (Delta Nu 7)                                                                    

SARAH FISH - Leilani (Delta Nu 8)               

JUDI MARS - Boutique Sales Manager / Judge / Ensemble

HOWIE FORSTER - Rude Sales Person / DA Joyce Riley / Ensemble

GEORGINA WARREN - Elle’s Mom / Ensemble

CHRIS PENN - Kyle, the UPS Delivery God / Fitness Guy / Cheer Leader / Ensemble

CHARLES GOOCH - Grand Master Chad / Ensemble

DAVE EVANS - Elle’s Dad / Winthrop / TV Reporter / Ensemble

DAN HUGHES - Aaron Schultz / Kiki / Ensemble

ANDREW WOLFINDEN - Sundeep  Agrawal Padamadam / Ensemble

IAN CARTER - Pforzheimer / Dewey / Nikos / Ensemble

TOM HIGGINS - Carlos / Ensemble

ALAN SUTTON - Lowell / Ensemble

SIMON WARREN - Student / Cheerleader / Bandsman / Ensemble

CAMPBELL TROTTER - Student / Bandsman / Ensemble

BEN NORMAN - Student / Bandsman / Ensemble




What a fabulous set of auditions we have just had! Thank you all so much for auditioning and being part of our mammoth task of casting ‘Legally Blonde’,

the musical. There was just so much talent in evidence within all three disciplines of Acting, Singing and Dancing. So very well done to you all.


Some of the roles were extremely popular and could have been cast several times over (Paulette in particular and the Delta Nu Girls). As is always the

case only one person can be cast to each of the roles available, so sadly there will be some disappointments.  We are also restricted to a maximum cast

size, so turning away talented people is inevitable, especially when there is a high turnout of auditionees.


Please accept our commiserations if you have not been cast this time round. Please don’t let it put you off trying again. The Players have a number of great

shows coming up over the next 18 months….. ‘GREASE’, ‘A CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR’, our annual ‘PANTOMIME’, ‘SISTER ACT’ and EXCITING NEWS

for September 2016!!!


Thank you all once again…. The Creative Team can't wait to get started!






'30+ Roles including numerous Cameo Parts!

15+ Fabulous Roles for Females15+ Equally Fabulous Roles for Males

A Fantastic Tony and Olivier Award-Winning Musical Score!

The Lowestoft Players operate an OPEN AUDITIONS policy, so NEW MEMBERS VERY WELCOME.

(Minimum Age 16 years or over) 




Tuesday 10th February at 7.30pm prompt at the Players Theatre

INFORMATION NIGHT - Your Chance to find out more about LEGALLY BLONDE 

Tuesday 17th February from 7pm

PRE-AUDITION SING with the Musical Director  

Thursday 19th February from 7pm

AUDITIONS for Elle / Emmett / Warner only (timed appointment slots will operate) 

Sunday 22nd February from 10am - 12noon (Registration at 9.30am) 


Sunday 22nd February from 12.30pm - 6pm

AUDITIONS for ALL OTHER CHARACTER ROLES (timed appointment slots will operate) 

Wednesday 25th February at 7.30pm FIRST REHEARSAL for ENTIRE CAST 


(on average cast members will be required for two rehearsals each week) 

***Further details***Audition Pack and Audition Pieces available from or Ring Claire on 07795 560 497


Introducing The Creative Team... 

DIRECTION by Stephen Wilson



STAGE MANAGER - Ryan Takman 

Assistants to the Team - Deanne Dickson / Wendy Takman / Claire Wing / Annie Richards-Croft


Follow the Players  and 



'Intoducing the TROTTS':


It will soon be time for Panto!!!   OH YES IT WILL!!!

This years Lowestoft Player's Pantomime promises to be MORE GIGANTIC, SPECTACULAR and MAGICAL than ever!

Infact it's going to be FEE- FI - FO - FUN for All the Family! 

For 9 Performances only SATURDAY 24th JANUARY to SUNDAY 1st FEBRUARY 2015
Nightly at 7.30pm (24th, 28th, 30th and 31st)
Matinees (Sat 24th, Sat 31st and Sun 1st) at 2.30pm, (Sun 25th) at 1pm & 5.30pm  

MARINA THEATRE, LowestoftBox Office 01502 533200 NOT TO BE MISSED!    BOOK NOW!



Stop Press:

Children's 'Spectacular'Audition Results:

We are delighted to announce the Junior Casting for our latest production of 'A Christmas Spectacular':

The Production Team would like to say a big thank-you to everyone who auditioned. With around 70 children it was by no means an

easy decision as the auditions were of an exceptionally high standard. Congratulations to those who have been successful and commiserations

for those who did not make it this time round.


Isla-Jade Nelson / Paige Nelson / Jessica Tate / Shalaina Hawes / Georgina Wilson / Hannah Crisp /

Darlene Moore / Kaytlin Smith / Saffron Stedman / Lucy Carroll / Finn Alderman / Racheal Lambert

First rehearsal Monday 20th October 7pm - Please be prompt.



Stop Press:

Children's Pantomime Audition Results:

We are delighted to announce the Junior Casting of forthcoming Pantomime Spectacular:


Isobel Evans / Eve Westgate / Daisy McDowell / Orlaith Burgess / Ashten Rose Burgess / Eloise Evans /

Mia Devonshire / Harrison Peek / Joseph Devonshire / Oliver Kane / Sonny Rouse / Ruby Westgate


Jazmine Banks / Madelin Roberts / Thomas Major / Danielle Newman / Erin Burgess / Grace McGregor

The Production Team would like to say a big thank-you to everyone who auditioned. With around

70 children it was by no means an easy decision as the auditions were of an exceptionally high standard.

Congratulations to those who have been successful and commiserations for those who did not make it this time round.



Stop Press:

'Jack and the Beanstalk' CASTING NEWS

We are delighted to announce the Adult Casting of forthcoming Pantomime Spectacular:

Silly Billy – LEWIS CAPLIN
Princess – SAMI BAIN
Fleshcreep – LAWRIE GROOM
Baldemort – DARRYL PEEK
King –

Beth Freeman / Edie Williamson / Judi Mars / Lynda Morgan / Mary Hills / Pat Cregan /
Paula Crisp / Polly Woodward / Samantha Cross / Sian-Rose Maguire / Andrew Wolfinden /

Ben Norman / Campbell Trotter / Daniel Hughes / Rob Edmunds / Simon Warren

The Creative Team would like to say a big thank you to everyone that auditioned. Congratulations to all those auditionees

that have been cast and commiserations to those that have not been successful this time round.

Now the hard work begins.... 

Please note there is a Full Call on Tuesday 14th October at 7:30pm.



Stop Press:

'A Christmas Spectacular' CAST LIST

The Creative Team for this years production of 'A CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR' are delighted

to announce the casting for our popular annual festive treat.

Cast List 

Sammy Bain, Carla Balls, Charlotta Balls, Jackie Charles, Steph Clarke, Hazel Cole, Paula Crisp, Jacky Darby,
Deanne Dickson, Marilyn Durrant, Pauline Dyball, Samantha Elmhurst, Sarah Fish, Sarah Fox, Stephanie Garrod,
Julia Higgins, Judi Mars, Wendy Monument, Leslie Moore, Roz Payne, Sain Rose, Kate Warnes, Caroline Warre,
Georgina Warren, Dayna Williams, Michelle Wilson,Jimmy Atkin, David Evans, Maurice Garrod, Daniel Hughes,
Daryl Jones, Ben Norman, Peter Simmen, Alan Sutton, Simon Warren, Stephen Wilson

We would like to say a big thank you to all those people that auditioned. The auditions were of an exceptionally high

standard, so well done to everyone. Unfortunately there will be some disappointed auditionees. Commiserations to

those individuals not cast this time round.

Details of the first rehearsals and individual involvement will be announced in the in next week or so.


Stop Press:

'Jack and the Beanstalk' AUDITION info

We are delighted to announce the Creative Team behind our forthcoming annual festive treat.

Director - Lauren Major, Choreographer -Louise Clarke, Rehearsal MD - Krista Ribbons,

Production Assistant - Polly Woodward, Band  - Mike West and Carl Simmons.

Auditions will take place on Thursday 2nd October for Principals and Sunday 5th for Company and Dancers.

There will also be two sets of Children's Auditions this year for two different sets of age groups. A younger set

and an older set , so twice the opportunity for children to get involved.

For a copy of the Audition information pack CLICK HERE.



Stop Press:

'A Christmas Spectacular' CAST LIST

The Creative Team for this years production of 'A CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR' are delighted

to announce the casting for our popular annual festive treat.

Cast List 

Sammy Bain, Carla Balls, Charlotta Balls, Jackie Charles, Steph Clarke, Hazel Cole, Paula Crisp, Jacky Darby,
Deanne Dickson, Marilyn Durrant, Pauline Dyball, Samantha Elmhurst, Sarah Fish, Sarah Fox, Stephanie Garrod,
Julia Higgins, Judi Mars, Wendy Monument, Leslie Moore, Roz Payne, Sain Rose, Kate Warnes, Caroline Warre,
Georgina Warren, Dayna Williams, Michelle Wilson,Jimmy Atkin, David Evans, Maurice Garrod, Daniel Hughes,
Daryl Jones, Ben Norman, Peter Simmen, Alan Sutton, Simon Warren, Stephen Wilson

We would like to say a big thank you to all those people that auditioned. The auditions were of an exceptionally high

standard, so well done to everyone. Unfortunately there will be some disappointed auditionees. Commiserations to

those individuals not cast this time round.

Details of the first rehearsals and individual involvement will be announced in the in next week or so.



Stop Press:

'Aspects of Love' AUDITION RESULTS

The Creative Team for ASPECTS OF LOVE are delighted to announce the casting for this fabulous

Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical:

ASPECTS OF LOVE - Cast List                 

CRAIG LOXSTON                       Alex Dillingham- a young Englishman

POLLY WOODWARD                Rose Vibert - an Actress

JOHN MARJORAM                   George Dillingham - Alex's Uncle

DAYNA WILLIAMS                    Giulietta Trapani - an Italian Sculptress

EMILY FOX                                 Jenny Dillingham - Daughter of George and Rose

JIMMY ATKINS                         Marcel Richard - Rose's Manager / Ensemble*

Additional Characters and Company Ensemble

JILL EMMERSON                      Elizabeth - George's Housekeeper / Ensemble*

DEANNE DICKSON                    Fairground Barker / Ensemble*

HARRIET SHIELDS                    Ringmaster / Ensemble*

SUZANNE KINGSTON                Ensemble*

ELLA WARREN                           Ensemble*

HAZEL COLE                              Ensemble*

PAULA CRISP                              Ensemble*

SIAN McGUIRE                           Ensemble*

DAN HUGHES                              Hugo / Officer / Ensemble*

SIMON WARREN                        Officer / Ensemble*

DAVID EVANS                             Crooner / Ensemble*

BEN NORMAN                            Ensemble*

*Note: There are numerous character roles with singing lines still to be cast to individuals from the Ensemble

We would like to say a big thank you to all those people that auditioned for roles in the latest Player’s

musical production.  Auditions were of an exceptionally high standard, so well done to everyone.

Unfortunately there will be some disappointed auditionees. Commiserations to those individuals not

cast this time round.

FIRST REHEARSAL – Full Cast - TUESDAY 17th JUNE at 7.30pm / Players Theatre



'Oh my god, you guys!'

Photo: 'Oh my god, you guys!'.......   The Lowestoft Players will be presenting the EAST ANGLIAN PREMIERE of 'LEGALLY BLONDE' the musical in May/June 2015!  This great musical starred Sheridan Smith and won numerous Olivier Awards back in 2011 when it was in London's West End.

'Oh my god, you guys!'.......
The Lowestoft Players will be presenting the EAST ANGLIAN PREMIERE of 'LEGALLY BLONDE' the musical in May/June 2015!
This great musical starred Sheridan Smith and won numerous Olivier Awards back in 2011 when it was in London's West End.

Watch this space for more news!!!



'Aspects of Love' NOW BOOKING!!!



Stop Press 'Annie' Audition Results

Thankyou to everyone who auditioned. The 'Annie' casting is as follows:

ANNIE             Kitty Taylor              Jessica Tovell

ORPHANS      Emily Takman, Elizaveta Williams, Lily Goodenough,

                        Daisy Helen McDowell, Erin Halliday, Polly Eve Scoggins,

                        Grace Reeve, Maddie Docwra, Bethany Marshall,

                       Orlaith Marie Burgess, Beth Freeman, Liliana Rosati,

                       Ashten Rose, Lilla Read, Olivia Price, Danielle Newman,

                       Alicia Fisher, Nevaeh Meades 

WARBUCKS            Craig Cameron

GRACE                    Rosamund Payne

MISS HANNIGAN   Harriet Sheilds

ROOSTER                Craig Loxston

LILY ST REGIS       Suzie Kingston

ROOSEVELT           Terry Rymer

COMPANY (Dancers and Cameo Roles)

Dayna Williams Lorna Tucker, Ellie Ashby, Georgina Warren, Wendy Takman,

Paul Ashby, Tom Higgins, Louise Clarke, Pauline Dyball, Louise Harrison,

Jimmy Atkin, Hazel Cole, Jodie Kirby, Lucy Quantrill, Ben Norman,

Carol Shelbourne, Simon Warren, Michelle Farebrother, Daniel Hughes

Rob Edmunds, Marilyn Durrant, Sarah Fish, Callum Read, Hannah Jackson,

Stephanie Clark, Alan Sutton

First Rehearsal - FULL COMPANY CALL - Thursday 13th February at 7.30pm

Children's Rehearsal - Sunday 16th February from 10 - 12 noon  



Latest 'Annie' Audition Information


WEDNESDAY 5th FEBRUARY 2014 at 7.30pm

Please note this is an informative evening for any ADULT wishing to Audition for either

Principle roles or Company Acting / Singing / Dancing roles.

If you are interested in helping out behind the scenes, backstage / props / or costume making

you are more than welcome to come along too.




We will be looking for a number of Young Girls of varying ages to play the roles of

Annie and the Orphans. Those children wishing to audition must be strong confident

performers with both singing and dancing ability.

A CHILDREN'S AUDITION INFO PACK will be available shortly detailing all the information the other


You can register your interest in auditioning by emailing:

you will be sent an CHILDREN'S AUDITION PACK in due course.

Watch this space for further information coming soon!




An AUDITION INFO PACK will be available shortly detailing Principal Roles / Full

Company Singing and Dancing Roles.

You can register your interest in auditioning by emailing:

you will be sent an AUDITION INFO PACK in due course.

Watch this space for further information coming soon!




MEMBERS BARE ALL for Charity Calendar

Hot on the heels of their recent production of 'Calendar Girls', the Players have taken a

cheeky look at some of their past productions, by creating their very own 'nude' charity


This is now on general sale and can be obtained online, or from The Players Theatre

Box Office and throughout the performance run of 'A Christmas Spectacular.'

The calendar costs £5, with all profits going to local charities.

Click on the link below, to order your copy NOW!

A great present or keepsake for fans of the Lowestoft Players and muscial theatre






'Beauty and the Beast' CASTING NEWS

Belle – Polly Woodward

The Beast – Craig Loxston

Dame – Stephen Wilson

Justin Case – Lee Nevill

Fairy – Ellie Ashby

Fungicide The Bad – Harriet Shields

Pops – Dave Evans

Dilbert – Lewis Caplin

Wayne – Paul Ashby


Rob Edmunds, Tom Higgins, Cycy Leturgeon, Dayna Williams, Dan Hughes,

Simon Warren, Lorna Tucker, Lawrie Groom, Debbie Moyse, Maria Read


Emily Fox, Morgen Baker, Lauren Utting, Francesca Warren

Justin's Gang and Juvenile Company ***

Ashten Rose Burgess, Nevaeh Ayers, Eloise Evans, Holly Smith, Katie Wright, Mia Devonshire,

Joe Devonshire, Erin Halliday, Grace Reeve, Hannah Crisp, Alicia Read, Lauren Holdsworth

Congratulations to all those auditionees that have been cast and commiserations to those that have

not been successful this time round.

Now the hard work begins....

Please note there is a Full Call on Tuesday 15th October at 7:30pm.

*** The first rehearsal for the Children will be Tuesday 15th October 6:30pm-8:30pm.

Please note that performance groups and dates are TBC. 



'Calendar Girls' PRESS REVIEWS

Make a date to see this poignant theatre:

Calendar Girls Lowestoft Players, at The Bethel The well-known story from the film about the real Yorkshire Women's Institute

branch who made a calendar to raise funds for the cancer unit of Skipton hospital, is wonderfully, poignantly told by the

Lowestoft Players. Exploiting the intimacy of their own theatre, director Stephen Wilson skilfully puts his lively and very funny

women through the well-written script and brings the village community atmosphere truly alive.

When the gentle John (Andrew Liddon) dies and the tiny WI branch embraces the risks of posing discretely and tastefully nude

for their calendar, we see friendships exposed, often with hurtful truths as well as jovial banter. Judi Mars, Jill Emmerson,

Lorna Tucker, Jean Kinkaid, Julia Rymer and Toni Penson are the magnificent, glorious bunch and their posing for the photos

is utterly hilarious. Suzie Kingston as the branch chairperson masks a vulnerability behind her efficient exterior.

The smaller characters played by Gerald Wilson, Emily Simpson, Anne Chambers, Craig Loxston and Daniel Hughes contribute

to the heart-warming, life-affirming night out that excites laughter and a lump in the throat. Not to be missed!

David Porter - The Lowestoft Journal

Lowestoft Players Theatre: Calendar Girls

Our Northern Arts Correspondent is bowled over by the Lowestoft Ladies’

Barnstorming performance:

And it wasn’t just our correspondent! The entire house (agreeably packed) was reduced to helpless mirth by the hilarious on-stage

antics and the superb theatrical performances of the North Yorkshire Women’s Institute (Knapely Chapter)

Calendar girls remains an am-dram favourite, with over 500 applications received within a year of the amateur rights having been

released. How fortunate therefore, that the Lowestoft Players were granted one. For their interpretation and execution was little

short of inspired.

Thoughtful, atmospheric staging, effective sets, and an excellent supporting cast – we enjoyed all these. Yet these could have been

as nought had it not been for the superb performances by the six eponymous lead roles; the Calendar Girls themselves. It was a

wonderful to see a group of actors so totally immersed in their roles. Their chemistry positively bubbled and fizzed. The characters

did not merely act their roles on stage; they lived them. It was as though they had written their own scripts. In fact I’m not entirely

convinced that they hadn’t. I certainly suspect a bit of embellishing went on there... Still, if you don’t tell, then neither will I.

Wonderful, all of them. The straight-talking Yorkshire lass and brassy, blonde florist Chris (Judi Mars), the recently-widowed,

troubled Annie (Jill Emmerson); the repressed, cuckolded Ruth (Tony Penson); the equally straight-talking, and brassy rival

(but brunette!) Celia (Julia Rymer); the feckless vicar’s daughter, church-organist and self-confessed ‘terrible’ single mum Cora

(Lorna Tucker). And in a delightfully understated role, the drole, twinkly, OFSTED-weary, retired teacher Jessie (Jean Kinkaid)

with her wry observations and arch one-liners. In another life, Jean is a lifelong teacher; her pedagogical canon is as long and as

varied as her theatrical one. My source tells me her almost show-stealing performance does not so much represent a triumph of

acting, as a reining in of her normal classroom persona. Not true Jean, I’m sure.

Hats off to the lot of them, I say. In what is essentially a feel-good piece, life-afirming warmth was portrayed alongside bitter, raw

emotion and helplessness. Anarchic comedy and superb comedic timing, went side-by-side with angst and pathos. The production

was a true emotional roller-coaster. And by their roof-raising performances, the caste can be proud that they took us with them on

the ride. The ovations they received were heartfelt and well-deserved.

And I think that the evening’s laughter and applause cannot have gone unnoticed by the denizens of the adjacent bingo hall. Eyes down,


Hugh Gatenby - One Suffolk - September 30th, 2013


Beauty and the Beast AUDITION information:

All information is available from Production Assistant - Angie Fox on 07757 264026 or

Sunday 6th October – Beauty & The Beast Adult Auditions at The Bethel.

Company Auditions

Registration 9:30am for a prompt 10:00am start. Company auditions will run until 12:00pm. 

Please ensure that suitable dance clothing and shoes are worn. 


Principal Auditions

Principal auditions for the following characters: 

Belle   (Female)

Playing age – 18-30

Belle is the original fairy tale heroine – kind, gentle, and beautiful; but with an important 21st Century twist. She is a strong, intelligent,

spirited and independent young woman. We are looking for something different with this character; this is not your standard principal girl role.

The ability to dance and a strong singing voice is required.

Fungicide, The Bad.    (Female)

Playing age - Any

A wonderfully wicked character role to play, giving plenty of opportunity for audience participation. Very sinister and mischievous! She takes

great delight in using her magic to create havoc. A good singing voice would be an asset. 

The Fairy    (Female)

Playing age – Any

A warm lovable character role which could be played in a number of ways. This is a key role as the character will act as both narrator and

interact with the story line. The ability to sing would be an asset.

The Beast      (Male)

Playing age 25-35

A young prince who has been transformed into a hideous beast. He evokes fear but gradually his true side comes through. A caring, but sad

and dejected creature that lives with only one hope…to find true love and become human again. There are excellent opportunities within this

role for both strong acting and singing.

The performer will be required to appear in FULL BEAST COSTUME AND A MASK for most of the show, transforming into the prince

towards the end of act two.

Justin Case    (Male)

Playing age- Any (but youthful)

A bouncy, energetic and lively character, whose comedy role is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to the show. Interacts mainly with the Dame,

the children and of course THE AUDIENCE!

Should be good at improvisation and be able to carry a tune. This is a very strong comedy role, with the opportunity to make it your own.

Dame     (Male)

Playing age - Any

Was once Beauty’s Nanny, and is now Pops house keeper and also works as a checkout girl at Morrison’s. She is traditional warm, loveable

and larger than life.A STRONG COMEDY CHARACTER, who should be able to improvise and appeal to both young and old in the audience.

It is very much a man playing a woman.

Pops   (Male)

Playing age - 50+

Beauty’s father. A loveable, absent minded inventor, who lives for his daughter Belle and his passion for inventing things.

Excellent chance to develop a strong characterisation.

Dilbert    (Male)

Playing age - 25-45

Part of a double act. He thinks he is god’s gift to women. A classic macho man, who has been around a bit!

He lusts after Belle and he will try any devious way to acquire her affections. He has a villainous streak.

Wayne  (Male/Female)

Playing age - 20 -50

Part of a double act. The second villain, very thick. A dim, gullible, half witted but likable rouge. Naïve and easily led.


In addition to the above there is also a SINGING AND DANCING CHORUS ENSEMBLE who will be required to play numerous roles throughout

the show. From various village characters to servants of the castle who are trapped in time.

STRONG SINGERS needed who can move, and STRONG DANCERS who can carry a tune (WHILST DANCING).

On the behalf of the production team - GOOD LUCK for your audition! We look forward to seeing you! Xxx

10 minute pre-booked slots from 1:00pm onwards, available to book by

contacting Angie Fox on 07757 264026 or

Slots will be booked by character. Please note that you will be required to bring your own backing track on CD, no other means of accompaniment will be

available. Anyone wishing to audition for more than one character part will be required to book more than one audition slot. Anyone who wishes to audition

for Belle or Justin Case MUST attend the company audition. Also anyone wishing to be considered for company as well as a character part must also attend

the company audition.

Everyone is required to bring a cheque for £15.00 for the show levy and any non-members are required to bring an additional cheque for £30.00

(£17.50 for concessions and students) for their membership. Please note that if you are not successful your cheque will be returned.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no opportunity for adults to audition after Sunday 6th October,

if you cannot make this date please contact Angie Fox on 07757 264026 or

Sunday 13th October – Beauty &The Beast Children’s Auditions at The Bethel.

Children's Company Auditions - (maximum height 5ft) 

Registration 9:30am for a prompt 10:00am start. Children's auditions will run until 12:00pm. 

Please ensure that suitable dance clothing and shoes are worn.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no opportunity for adults to audition after Sunday 13th October,

if you cannot make this date please contact Angie Fox on 07757 264026 or


Performance Dates (Please note slight change):

Saturday 25th January - 2.30pm &7.30pm

Sunday 26th January - 1pm & 5.30pm

Wednesday 29th January - 7.30pm

Friday 31st January - 7.30pm

Saturday 1st February – 2.30pm & 7.30pm

Sunday 2nd February – 2.30pm



A Christmas Spectacular Cast List:

This years brand new 2013 production will feature the following cast members:

Samanth Bain, Sue Betts, Brenda Bishop, Craig Cameron, Stephanie Clarke, Jackie Darby, Deanne Dickson,

Marilyn Durrant, Pauline Dyball, Dave Evans, Sarah Fish, Howie Forster, Sarah Fox, Maurice Garrod,

Stephanie Garrod, Sally Hardman, Julia Higgins, Dave Higgins, Daniel Hughes, Andrew Liddon, Lauren Major,

Gary Marjoram, Lesley Moore, Sue Moore, Wendy Monument, Derek Monument, Hannah O'Leary,

Rosamund Payne, Darryl Peek, Peter Simmen, Dianne Sharman, Alan Sutton, Caroline Warren,

Francesca Warren, Georgina Warren, Simon Warren, Michelle Wilson, Gerald Wilson, Stephen Wilson



Only 18 Days Until Calendar Girls Opens To The Public!!

This is NOT TO BE MISSED! Book your tickets now on 01502 770020



Player's to perform the Musical 'ANNIE'

The Lowestoft Players will be presenting the musical 'ANNIE' at the Marina Theatre next MAY 2014. Ever since

the Players first presented 'ANNIE' to great acclaim way back in 1994 , our attempts toperform the show have

been thwarted by professional touring productions and licensing issues. 20 yearsdown the line we have finally

secured the rights, hot on the heals of the new Broadway revival starring Jane Lynch (Glee's Sue Sylvester) as

Miss Hannigan and a brand new film version in the very near future.

The Players had a wail of a time performing 'ANNIE' back in 1994 with Deanne Dickson as Miss Hannigan,

Dave Higgins as Daddy Warbucks  and Martin Wilson's delightful 'over the top' cameo as President Roosevelt.

Also making her early theatrical debut as Annie herself, was a young 12 year old HANNAH SPEARITT, pre S CLUB 7 

and PRIMEVAL fame. This show has a fabulous musical score, great principal characters for both males and females,

plenty ofchorus work with some big production numbers and of course a small group of orphans and a dog! Principal

characters include:- Annie / Miss Hannigan / Oliver Warbucks / Grace Farrell / Rooster Hannigan /Lily Lyme Regis

and numerous delightful cameo roles. 

The Players are now seeking a Creative / Production Team who are interested in staging our next Musical production

at the Marina Theatre.If you are interested in Directing / Assisting / Choreographing / or Musical Directing please

contact:Roz Payne at



A group of female actresses are preparing to bare all for the love of the theatre. The Lowestoft Players will be performing

the heart-warming comedy 'Calendar Girls' next month, and six of the cast members will be showing off their curves for

the production.

The play is being performed at The Players Theatre at The Bethel in Battery Green Road from September 19-29. It is based

on the true story of 11 Yorkshire WI members who posed nude for a calendar to raise money for the Leukaemia Research

Fund and which was made famous by a hit 2003 film.

Taking on the roles played on the big screen by Helen Mirren and Julie Walters are Judi Mars and Jill Emmerson. Judi is a

regular performer with the Players, having played roles such as Mrs Anna Leonowens in 'The King and I,' Svetlana in 'Chess'

and Fairy Godmother in 'Cinderella.'

She said, 'I am thrilled to be playing the role of Chris alongside such a talented cast. The rehearsals have been lots of fun, and

the show is a real hoot.'

Jill, who appeared with the Players in their production of 'Our House' is no stranger to the play, having already performed the

role of Annie with Pegasus Productions in Gorleston last year.

She said, ' The story is so down to earth and one that will appeal to all women, young and old, and men of course. So far we

have only taken our clothes off for the publicity photos!'

Joining Judi and Jill in the cast are Lorna Tucker, as Miss July; Jean Kinkaid, as Miss January; Julia Rymer, as Miss September;

and Toni Penson, as Miss November.

The show is the first play to be staged at The Players Theatre at The Bethel, after the group's festive production 'A Christmas

Spectacular!' Director Stephen Wilson said: 'The Bethel is a fantastic venue for plays and smaller productions, seating about

200 audience members. We are anticipating that this show will be very popular, and so audiences are encouraged to book their

tickets sooner rather than later.'

Seats for Calendar Girls are available now and can be booked by ringing the ticket hotline on 01502 770020. They are priced

at £10 or £9 concessions.

Further information on the Lowestoft Players and future productions can be found at or on the

group's Facebook page at



A Christmas Spectacular AUDITION INFORMATION:

Christmas Spectacular 2013
Once again we shall be performing a pre Christmas show at our very own PLAYERS THEATRE.

Here is some information you will need to know about this show and how you can be involved. The  Creative Team behind this years

production are: Nick Garrod, Martin Wilson, Wendy Takman, Rob Goodrich, Stuart Lamb and Karen Carter. Also joining our team

helping with comedy, directing, choreography and readings are: Louise Clark, Julia Rymer, Deanne Dickson, Gerald Wilson, Stephen

Wilson, Darryl Peek, John Marjoram, the Louise Elizabeth dance school and our production assistant Roz Payne.

Performing Friday Dec 6th – Sunday 8th (evenings 7.30, matinees Sat 2.30 - Sun 1.30, 5.30) and
Thursday Dec 12th – Sunday 15th (evenings 7.30 matinees Sat 2.30- Sun 1.30, 5.30)

Rehearsals will be on Monday & Tuesday evenings, first rehearsal Tuesday 3rd September.

We are looking for people to sing solos, duets, comedy, movers and dancers, both male & female and readers. There will also be the

opportunity for some children to be involved as well. Don’t be put off if you are unable to make every performance as there may be the

possibility of "job sharing" with someone else in the same situation. There will also be a show levy £15 with a reduced rate of £7.50 for

pantomime cast members if you are planning to audition for both.

Auditions: Soloists - Monday 29th July (book your time slot from 7pm with Roz 07999 874925 or email
Bring music/cd of a song of your choice to show off your voice, we may also ask you to sing something else from the show.
Auditions: Company and Choir Tuesday 27th August from 7pm (contact Roz for audition slot)

Children's auditions date to be announced later.

We are looking for at least 4 to 6 people of each vocal range for the choir. They will perform on stage in some of the company numbers

and will be seated on stage as last year.

This will be a new show with new songs and routines with a sprinkling of one or two old favourites. Learning from last year's

rehearsals we have added extra learning support & CD’S to make it more of an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Call Roz now for your audition time and for any other questions call Karen on 01502 531279 or email



OLIVER! Reviews



The Lowestoft Players

25th June 2013

The Marina Theatre

Opening night of The Lowestoft Players production of Oliver and upon reading the programme, I discovered that

this is the 3rd time the society have performed this popular musical.As soon as the curtain rose, I could see why

it had been such a popular and well-received show for the group in the past. The stunning scenery, complimented

by creative lighting effects and realistic costumes, transported the audience right back to Dickensian London.

Attention to detail was second to none; from the grubby workhouse assistants with yellowed teeth to the ashen

faced orphans in the opening scene, paving the way for what was a gritty and authentic portrayal of the family


Lionel Bart’s score was brought to life by a note perfect 16 piece orchestra; with some fantastic vocal and

character performances given by Jo Forster; playing the role of  ‘Nancy’ and John Marjoram as leader of the

pickpockets ‘Fagin’.

Impressive performances were also delivered by George Wing, playing The Artful Dodger; Stephen Clark, in the

role of Bill Sikes, who not only left those on stage trembling, but many an audience member too during his menacing

rendition of ‘My Name’, and of course by Lowestoft Players stalwarts Deanne Dickson; playing Widow Corney

and Stephen Wilson; playing Mr Bumble, providing some light comic relief during a gritty interpretation of this well

known musical.

But of course particular mention must go to the children who played the workhouse orphans, Fagin’s Gang and the

lead role of Oliver Twist. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house during 11 year old Tom Scoggin’s

performance of ‘Where is Love?’ and there was charm and cheek aplenty during the delightful ‘I’d Do Anything’

and ‘Be Back Soon.’

This is a theatrical treat for audiences young and old and a fantastic opportunity to see a production well worthy of

the west end stage right here in Lowestoft.

Oliver! is on at The Marina Theatre nightly at 7.30pm until Saturday 29th June, with an additional matinee

performance at 2.30pm on Saturday 29th also. Tickets are available from The Marina Theatre Box office on 01502


Laura Butler


Marina Theatre 26/27th Jun 2013.

Director, Lauren Major.  MD Stella Brownsea, (Asst MD Stephen Brown) Choreographer, Anna Goodhand

This Society is planning to form a youth theatre group….well this show came with a ready made membership!

Two teams of fourteen youngsters playing Fagin’s Gang and Workhouse Orphans were immaculate in their

performances making their quite complex movements and singing seem effortless. I could not spot a single step

out of place or a line from their songs not sung with gusto and conviction. Perhaps their appearance was a trifle

too immaculate and a little more dirt and grime may have been appropriate, but if this talented bunch are the

future for Players productions then it is one to look forward to!

Especially if the outstanding performances for the shared role of Oliver are anything to go by:  Real future promise

from two very talented youngsters (from an audition of nearly 100 hopefuls!). With three shows each and every

inch an Oliver (Thomas Major, age 11) was angelic in manner, style and high quality singing with an excellent stage

presence and rapport with his on stage role partners. Oliver (Tom Scoggins, age 10) was equally at home and had

a younger cute factor which added to his demeanour and youthful singing voice. Both gave storming performances

belying their age and received well deserved standing ovations every night. Their solo number ‘Where Is Love’

brought a tear to the eye and ‘Who Will Buy,’ shared with the company, was a real audience pleaser. The Company

was, as usual with The Players, packed with talent and each as required stepped up to show their quality in depth

enhancing the overall professionalism of  Lowestoft Players shows.

Now of course there were more than a few adult roles ‘to die for’, and Bill Sykes (Stephen Clark) eschewed

menace and domination from every pore and more than made up for his lack of physical size; even Bullseye (Syler)

his dog did not take too kindly too him but certainly made a visual impact on his first entry. Nancy (Joanne Forster)

warmed to the part and showed good empathy in her care for Oliver in the face of Bill’s hostility. Her solo number

‘As Long As He Needs Me’, in Act two showed her singing talents to the full and brought out the poignancy of her

dilemma. I would have liked a bit more earthiness in her characterisation and perhaps a more thought given to her

costume. Her friend Bet (Emily Fox) also stood out as one to watch, working well in Fagin’s Lair and in the songs

‘Fine Life’ and ‘I’d Do Anything’.

All Oliver’s need a Fagin and once again (John Marjoram) gave us an interpretation of the role of which even the

legendary Ron Moody –who sent his personal Best Wishes- would have been proud. Make up alone must have

taken significant time and planning which all culminated in a tour de force performance from this young man whose

talents it seems knows no bounds. His sidekick Artful Dodger (George Wing), a little older than usual, gave us a well

considered display  of physicality and style, if a little over enthusiastic with his dialogue on occasion losing some key

lines during his energetic but entertaining performance- His was an original style and with experience he will prove an

outstanding principal- if a trifle eccentric!

As a really eccentric couple we had the cadaverous Sowerberys (Howie Foster and Chris Penn) who delighted in

the somewhat bizarre environment of their funeral parlour and their outlandish treatment of Oliver. They were

matchedby Noah Claypole (Lawrie Groom) who met his match when tackling Oliver in a well choreographed bout

of fisticuffs!Another fine pair, Widow Corney (Deanne Dickson) and Mr Bumble the Beadle (Stephen Wilson) gave

us an ‘adult’ comedic duo with a plethora of good old pantomime double entendre as their rollicking style added

more than a touch of humour to the proceedings. Perhaps we lost some of the pomposity and awesome control

by the Beadle in the Workhouse…but we enjoyed them anyway! Marital bliss was clearly never likely and their

avarice was nicely displayed leading to proof of the adage ‘Marry in haste, repent at leisure’ and boy…they did …

with knobs on!

 A final word for first time director Lauren Major, herself a previous NODA Young Performer of the Year and

leading player in many shows, (and still only twenty two!). She brought a new slant to the show and added some

personal touches that gave the show a new ‘edge’. She can be proud of her first production as Director and look

forward hopefully to many more. Well done to the whole ‘crew’ for another fine show. We look forward to the first

major drama production at the Bethel Players Theatre in September. 

Review by: Terry Rymer (NODA Rep East District 6)



Calendar Girls CASTING NEWS

CHRIS (Miss October) – Flowers ............................ JUDI MARS 

ANNIE (Miss February) – Teapot/Cup/Saucer ......... JILL EMMERSON 

CORA (Miss July) – Piano......................................... LORNA TUCKER  

JESSIE (Miss January) – Knitting ............................. JEAN KINKAID 

CELIA (Miss September) – Iced Cherry Buns........... JULIA RYMER 

RUTH (Miss November) – Making Marmalade ........ TONI PENSON 

MARIE – Runs the local WI .................................... SUZY KINGSTON 

JOHN – Annie’s Husband ........................................ ANDREW LIDDON 

ROD – Chris’s Husband .......................................... GERALD WILSON 

LAWRENCE – the Photographer............................  CRAIG LOXTON 

LIAM – Director of Commercial............................... DANIEL HUGHES 

ELAINE – Spa Beautician ....................................... EMILY SIMPSON 

BRENDA HULSE – Broccoli Expert...................... EMILY SIMPSON 

LADY CRAVENSHIRE ....................................... T B C

A big thank you to everyone who auditioned for Calendar Girls. Over the two days we had some amazing auditions

and we feel that our final casting is a really strong one…. Exciting times ahead!

Congratulations to all those auditionees that have been cast and commiserations to those that have not been successful

this time round.

Now the hard work begins.... First rehearsals commence this Wednesday and Thursday:

Wed 10th  - Read though with Complete Cast - 7.30pm

Thurs 11th  - Plot  Act 1 Sc 1 - 7.30pm




A very British story, with a very British heart, CALENDAR GIRLS is based on an uplifting and very

inspiring true story that is quirky, poignant and hilarious.

For 8 performances only

19th - 29th SEPTEMBER 2013

Performance Dates                                Matinee             Evening

Thursday 19th September 2013              .......                    7.30pm

Friday 20th September                                                      7.30pm

Saturday 21st September                       2.30pm                7.30pm

Thursday 26th September                                                 7.30pm

Friday 27th September                                                     7.30pm

Saturday 28th September                                                 7.30pm

Sunday 29th September                                       5.30pm

Venue PLAYERS THEATRE at the Bethel


Directed by – STEPHEN WILSON   /   Assistant Director – LOUISE HAY

Stage Manager – JENNY WRIGHT / Musical Soundtrack and Effects – MERVYN BRADDICK



Brief Synopsis of the Play:

When Annie’s husband John dies of leukaemia, she and her best friend Chris resolve to raise money for a new settee

in the local hospital waiting room. They manage to persuade four fellow Women Institute members, Cora, Celia, Ruth

and Jessie, to pose nude with them for an “alternative” WI calendar, with a little help from hospital porter and amateur

photographer Lawrence. The news of the women’s charitable venture spreads like wildfire, and hordes of press soon

descend on the small village of Knapeley in the Yorkshire Dales. The calendar is a success, but Chris and Annie’s friendship

is put to the test under the strain of their new-found fame.

Based on the true story of 11 WI members who posed nude for a calendar to raise money for the Leukaemia Research Fund,

Calendar Girls opened at the Chichester Festival Theatre and has since become the fastest selling play in British theatre history.


The Cast: 10 Female / 4 Male

Please note that all ages are an approximate guide ( - or + )

Character Synopsis:

CHRIS: Playing Age 50s (Miss October – Flowers)

You would want Chris at your party. She will talk to people she doesn’t know, find things to say to fill silences and generate laughter. Chris

is at home in a crowd, holding court and being the centre of attention. She is best friends with Annie and the two of them are like naughty

schoolgirls. Chris loves to try anything new, but gets easily bored and doesn’t seem to see anything through to the end. Chris is very outgoing,

bubbly and fun and doesn’t care what people think say or think of her. She is married to Rod and they run a flower shop


ANNIE: Playing Age 50s (Miss February – Teapot, Cup and Saucer)

Annie will join in the mischief, but at heart is more of a conformist and less confrontational than Chris.  Annie will always try and calm the

situation after Chris has stirred it up. The mischievousness Chris elicits saves Annie from being a saint. She has enough edge to be interesting

and enough salt not to be too sweet. Annie is happily married to John. 

Together these two best friends are greater than the sum of their parts. They would be lesser people had they not met each other.

CORA: Playing age around 40 (Miss July – the Piano)

Cora’s past is the most eclectic, her horizons were broadened by going to college. This caused a tectonic shift with her more parochial parents

(her father is a vicar). She fell in love and then came back to them pregnant and tail-between-legs but Cora has too much native resilience to be

downtrodden. She is the joker in the pack, but never plays the fool. Her wit is deadpan. It raises laughter in others, but rarely in herself. Cora has

a rocky relationship with her daughter who is now in her late teens. She leads the singing and playing of the piano in the show – so an ability to

mime-play basic chords on the dummy piano and sing in tune would be a definite asset.

JESSIE: Playing age late 60s/70s (Miss January - Knitting)

Get on the right side of Jessie as a teacher and she’ll be the teacher you remember for life. Get on the wrong side and you will regret every

waking hour.  Jessie is the eldest of the group and a lover of life. She doesn’t bother with cosmetics – her elixir of life is bravery. Jessie bothers

about grammar and will correct stallholders regarding their abuse of the apostrophe “s”. Her husband has been with her a long time and is rarely

surprised by her actions.  She is more modern in her outlook on life than her age and background would suggest.

(As the storyline unfolds we find out that Jessie taught young Lawrence)


CELIA: Playing age anything between 35 – 50 (Miss September – Iced Cherry Buns)

The fact that Celia is in the WI is the greatest justification of its existence. She is a woman more at home in a designer shop than a church

hall. Celia always feels like she’s drifted in from another world, which she has!. She is self-confident, assured and chic. There is a rebellious

side to Celia to which Jessie responds. It’s what sets Celia apart from the vapid materialism of her peer group and made her defect. When

not at the WI, Celia is always at the golf club to support her husband, despite finding the game and the other golf wives very dull.

RUTH: Playing age 40’s (Miss November – Making Marmalade)

Ruth’s journey through the play is from the false self-confidence of the emotionally abused through to the genuine self confidence of a woman

happy in her own skin. Ruth is eager to please but not a ‘rag doll’ and despite being Marie’s right-hand woman she is desperate to be the cartilage

in the spine of the WI and keep everyone happy. She does have a ‘spine’ herself – if she was too wet, no-one would want her around. But they do

and they feel protective of her because they sense there is something better in Ruth than her life is letting out. She is married to “My Eddie” who is

cheating on her. If “My Eddie” said jump, she would probably ask how high?  The play marks her transition from victim to survivor.


NOTE: The above 6 characters all pose for the Calendar

 ****A WORD ON NUDITY**** As in the best traditions of vaudevillian fan dances, the art of the play’s nudity lies in what is withheld.

Should we see anything we shouldn’t then the whole scene will deflate like a soufflé on which the oven door has been opened too quickly!

MARIE: Playing age late 40’s - 50’s

Marie has gradually built the current ‘Marie’ around herself over the years as a defence mechanism. She moved to her ‘Oz’, Cheshire a few years

back, and found ‘Oz’ didn’t want her. She came back scorched!  Running the local branch of the WI is a trophy to her, which justifies her entire

existence. There is a lingering part of Marie that would have loved to be on that calendar. She is organised, a Committee person, a follower of rules

and standards and is suitably fawning to the local gentry. She enjoys the rivalry between ‘her’ WI and High Ghyll WI, and loves it when her group

does “one better”.

JOHN:  Playing age 50s (Annie’s husband) – Act One only

John is a human sunflower. Not a saint. Not a hero. Just the kind of man you’d want in your car when crossing America. He adores Annie and is

best mates with Rod. When John dies it feels like someone somewhere turned a light off. This is a progressively challenging role, as the audience

should see both a physical and visual deterioration of John as he dies of leukaemia. In his final scene John needs to appear bald (or at least a ‘number 1’)

.... A really Great Role!

ROD: Playing age 50s (Chris’ husband)

You have to be a certain kind of guy to stick with Chris and Rod loves it. Rod can give back what he gets and has a deadpan humour which has

always made his wife Chris laugh. He drinks a lot but never so much as to have a problem. He would work every hour to make his shop a success.

And John was his mate, even though the relationship was originally channelled through their wives.

LAWRENCE: Playing age late 20’s (the photographer) *  Act One only

Hesitant without being nerdy, Lawrence is a shy young man with enough wit to make a joke and enough spirit to turn up at the WI hall in the first

place. When he arranges the poses for the shots he is close to female nudity but sees only the photo view.  It was his creativity that made the

calendar a success.

LADY CRAVENSHIRE: Playing age 60s * Act One only

Lady Cravenshire really doesn’t mean to be patronising. But the WI girls seem from another world - The world of her estate workers. Although she

appears in only two scenes, when she makes an entrance – she really does make an entrance! She is not a tweed wearer. She must glide in like

a galleon.

ELAINE: Playing age 20s * Act Two only

Elaine is the beautician from the spa. “My Eddie’s” bit of fluff!  She must be typically flawless in her appearance and everything Ruth is not.  Her

clinical uniform slices through like a knife. You could cut yourself on that dress!. Very patronizing to Jessie - sees her from another world - The

world of her gran!

LIAM: Playing age late 20s * Act Two only

Liam would like to be directing other things than photo shoots for washing powders. He’s not so unprofessional as to let it show, but we can sense

a slight weariness at having to deal with these women. There’s a resigned patience to his actions and each smile he makes we feel is professional.

For Liam the Act 2 publicity photo shoot is a job, but not the job he wanted.


BRENDA HULSE: Playing age anything from 40s to late 70s *  Opening Scene - Act One only

A lady, who gives talks to the WI. Her talks are on the most boring subjects anyone could ever think of .... last year’s talk was on “The history of

the tea towel” and this year’s exciting gem is “The fascinating world of ....Broccoli”.  Brenda herself believes her talks are extremely interesting and

would’nt understand why anyone would not enjoy them. A REAL CHALLENGE of a role.... How to make boring very entertaining!


*The above parts could be doubled up as each one is only in one or two scenes.

The opportunity is there to make each part stand out as each is a ‘gem of a role’.


NOTES ON ACCENTS: The women of the real calendar in truth came from many parts of the country. Actors should resist the pressure to perform

any kind of Yorkshire pyrotechnics. Nothing compromises the truth of comedy like a slavish attention to vowel-sounds and dipthings. It will become

a pebble in the shoe. If you can flatten the “a” so that giraffe no longer rhymes with scarf then that will be more than sufficient; but even then that

should not be championed over the intrinsic rhythm of the line. People travel. Communities are now gloriously multi-instrumental. Accents can be

from Glasgow to Texas make the part your own.


Auditions will be held over two evenings – WED 3rd / THURS 4th JULY 2013



MONDAY 01/07/013 - INFORMAL QUESTION and ANSWER NIGHT from 7.30 onwards at the Bethel

Please note that this is not a presentation evening, but rather an informal ‘drop- in’ anytime evening for those of you that may have questions to ask /

audition pieces to collect / auditions to book. Alternatively you can find out all you need to know about the latest Players production well in advance

by contacting either Stephen or  Louise

WEDNESDAY 03/07/2013 -  AUDITION APPOINTMENTS from7.00-10pm

THURSDAY 04/07/2013 -  AUDITION APPOINTMENTS from7.00-10pm


please ring LOUISE CONNOLLY on 07747 186173 or email

MONDAY 08/07/2013 - CAST ANNOUNCEMENT – the CAST LIST will be posted on both the Players’ WEBSITE and the Players’ FACEBOOK page

at (Approx 9pm onwards) or

WEDNESDAY 09/07/13 – FULL CAST READ THRU -l 7.30pm

REHEARSALS: Please note that initially rehearsals will be on TUES/WED/THURS evenings between 7.30 – 10pm. *Every effort will be made to

keep attendance requirements to not more than 2 rehearsals each week but this may be difficult for the roles of both CHRIS and ANNIE. During

August main rehearsals are likely to reduce to two during week days with some Sundays.

MEMBERSHIP of THE LOWESTOFT PLAYERS: All Members of the Cast must become fully paid up members of the Players:

Full Membership £30 per year / Concessions: £17.50per year

There is also an additional SHOW FEE of £15 per production to all cast performing members

Please note that this is normally paid at the Audition, and certainly before the first rehearsal.



Does Your Dog Have Star Quality?

WANTED: a dog with star quality.

The search is on for a charismatic canine to appear in the Lowestoft Players' forthcoming production of Oliver!

The 64-strong cast is now looking for their 65th member - a dog to play villain Bill Sykes' sidekick Bullseye. Director Lauren Major said the successful

dog would have a major role in the production. "I'm looking for a bulldog, English terrier or similar breed of dog to perform in six performances of Oliver!

with the addition of some rehearsals," she said. "They will need to act fiery on stage but, of course, be friendly backstage and in rehearsals."

The dog and its owner will be required for a number of rehearsals starting next month. They should be available for the full run of the show from 25th

to 29th June at the Marina Theatre.

Owners who would like their dog to audition should send their contact details and their dog's name and photo to Lauren Major at

The closing date for entries is Friday 3rd May. For further information, contact Lauren on 07789 691756



Consider Yourself For Set Of Awards!!

The Lowestoft Players are in the middle of rehearsals for their latest production Oliver! which will be performed at the Marina Theatre.

The group's rehearsals come as the Lowestoft Players received three top awards for their 2012 productions of Cinderella and The Sound of Music.

At the National Operatic and Dramatic Association's east annual conference in Cambridge, Cinderella was named as best pantomime 2012 and best

overall production 2012 and The Sound of Music won the best musical 2012 award.

Presenting the awards to the group Terry Rymer, from the National Operatic and Dramatic Association, said: "This theatre group goes from strength

to strength... Cinderella was simply the best... you would do well to see another panto as good."

Oliver! is on at the Marina Theatre between 25th and 29th June for 6 performances.

The family favourite musical features famous songs such as Consider Yourself, Food Glorious Food and You've Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two.

Tickets are available from the Marina Theatre box office on 01502 533200 or for parties of 10 people or more, call the party bookings line on 01502

569730 or 01502 531279.

The Lowestoft Players have won previous awards for their productions of Our House, Aladdin, South Pacific, West Side Story, Scrooge, Copacabana

and Beauty and the Beast.




Following extensive auditions over the past two weeks, where the Oliver! Creative Team have seen hundreds of auditionees,

here is the complete cast results for our next Player's production to be staged in June at the Marina Theatre.

Thankyou to everyone who auditioned. Sadly we cannot take you all!

Congratulations to all those that have been cast and commiserations to those that have been unsuccessful this time round.

There is a Read through for principals (no children required) on Wednesday 6th March at 7:30pm and

a Full call for all cast (including children) on Thursday 7th March at 7:30pm at The Bethel.

Oliver Twist Tom Scoggins / Thomas Major / Fagin John Marjoram / Nancy Jo Forster / Bet Emily Fox

The Artful Dodger George Alfie Wing / Bill Sykes Stephen Clark / Mr Bumble Stephen Wilson

Widow Corney Deanne Dickson / Mr Sowerberry* Chris Penn / Mrs Sowerberry* Howie Forster

Charlotte Sowerberry* Ellie Ashby / Noah Claypole* Lawrie Groom / Mr Brownlow* David Evans

Mrs Bedwin / Judi Mars Dr Grimwig* Alan Sutton / *This role also doubles up as Company.


Beccie Amer, Michelle Farebrother, Louise Harrison, Lynda Morgan, Debbie Moyse, Rosamund Payne, Harriet Shields,

Wendy Takman, Georgina Warren, Polly Woodward, Jordan Ayers, Lewis Caplin, Robert Edmunds, Tom Higgins,

Daniel Hughes, Craig Loxston, Lee Nevill, Simon Warren

Children’s Company

Bethany Banks, Jazmine Banks, Lucy Brooks, Ealyn Brown, Imogen Bunn, Ashten Rose Burgess, Erin Burgess,

George Butler, Alex Day, Hayden Day, Joseph Devonshire, Mia Devonshire, Eloise Evans, Alicia Fisher, Bethany Freeman,

Lily Goodenough, George Hunt, Josh Moore, Danielle Newman, Alicia Read, Madelin Roberts, Charlie Shields, Emily Takman,

Kitty Taylor, Jessica Tovell, James Tree, Leanne Wing, Katie Wright

Audition Statistics

Oliver – 9

Fagin – 9

Nancy – 12

Bet – 22

Dodger– 9

Bill Sykes – 9

Mr Bumble – 4

Widow Corney – 4

Mr Sowerberry – 4

Mrs Sowerberry – 7

Charlotte – 5

Noah – 4

Mr Brownlow – 3

Mrs Bedwin – 3

Dr Grimwig – 2

Adult Company – 47

Children’s Company –69

"There have been so many fantastic auditions, casting the show has been incredibly difficult. We would like to thank everyone

that came along to audition and if you were unsuccessful it didn't mean you didn't do a great audition. There were lots of factors

for casting including numbers, heights and ages; but we look forward to seeing you again next time. We are thrilled with the final

cast list and the real hard work starts now!"



'Fantastic!' 'Stunning!' 'Amazing' 'WOW!':

The Lowestoft Players first in house production ‘A Christmas Spectacular’ opened to a packed house last Friday night, in their new 200 seat theatre.

The show, which is running for 5 more performances until Sunday 16th December, is a fully staged and costumed production featuring song, dance and

comedy all with a Christmas theme, and the setting for this festive extravaganza is the new Players Theatre at The Bethel, on Battery Green Road, Lowestoft.

The society, which is run entirely by volunteers, has worked tirelessly over the last two years to transform the original Bethel church initially into a rehearsal

space and now into a 200 seat theatre. The transformation has been a major development project for The Lowestoft Players, and thanks to donations and the

dedication of its members, the group have invested in a raised stage area, complete with overhead lighting rig and have installed 1000's of meters of cables and

heavy drapes plus new toilets and Front of House facilities. And if audience reactions are anything to go by, the opening of the theatre, which is available for

community use and hire, has been a huge success.

Local business owner and audience member Jules Shorrock said: “To see such a venue like this for community use in Lowestoft is just fabulous! Myself, my

son and my Mother all came and watched A Christmas Spectacular and found it completely magical, proving it really is a show that appeals for all ages!”

In addition to the success of the new theatre, A Christmas Spectacular has so far performed to 5 sell-out audiences, with over 90% of tickets being sold before

opening night.

Director and Producer Nick Garrod said: “We have been completely overwhelmed by the level of support we have had from the local community, both with

the renovations and our first in house production. We have 5 performances left with only a few seats remaining, so anyone wanting to buy tickets are urged

to call the box office on 01502 770020 for returns.”



STOP PRESS - 'A Christmas Spectacular' - CAST RESULTS :

Casting for the Players very first 'in-house' production is now complete and rehearsals commence this coming Monday, for what promises to be an

exciting new venture!


Stephanie Garrod, Brenda Bishop, Roz Payne, Leslie Moore, Stephenie Clarke, Sue Moore, Wendy Monument, Sally Hardman, Michelle Wilson,

Sarah Fish, Joanne (Howie) Forster, Mel Sharman, Hannah O'Leary, Deanne Dickson, Caroline Warren, Diane Sharman, Sarah Fox, Jackie Darby,

Julia Higgins, Jackie Charles, Stephanie Timewell, Louise Clarke, Erica Ogborn,  Peter Simmen, Dave Higgins, Tony Hardy, Stephen Wilson,

Maurice Garrod, Simon Warren, Charlie Bedinham, Alan Sutton, Derek Monument, Daniel Hughes, Darryl Peek, Gerald Wilson, Dan Challis,



STOP PRESS - 'Sleeping Beauty' - CAST RESULTS :

After a long hot gruelling day, at which the team saw some fantastic auditions, the cast for Sleeping Beauty looks like this:



Queen Passionella     Stephen Wilson

Sleeping Beauty        Ellie Ashby

The Prince                Laurence Hinton

Atrocia the Witch      Lauren Major

Fairy Dust                 Pat Cregan

Fairy Light                Judi Mars

Fairy Cakes              Polly Woodward

The Jester                John Marjoram

Chancellor                Lewis Caplin

King Cedric              Dave Evans



Daniel Hughes          Michelle Farebrother

Tom Higgins             Cycy Leturgeon

Lawrie Groom           Angeline Hunt

Simon Warren           Dayna Williams

Paul Ashby                Sophie Bell

Lee Nevill                 Emily Fox

Jo Forster                 Laura Murray

Charlotte Murkin     Erica Scoggins

Lauren Utting           Lynda Morgan

For those auditionees who have been unsuccessful this time round, please note that auditions for our CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR production will be announced within the next few weeks.



'Sleeping Beauty' - PANTOMIME AUDITIONS:

Ever wanted to perform in one of the Lowestoft Players award-winning productions?

Now's your chance - The Players are always looking for new talent, so if you can Act / Sing and /or Dance then come along and audition for panto!!!

STOP PRESS - The Player's post-christmas pantomime will be auditioning earlier this year with PANTO AUDITIONS sheduled for....

Sunday 12th August @ the Bethel (The Players Rehearsal Studios)

Principal Roles – 9:30am to 1:30pm (Please book an audition slot with Mel Read on 01502 561751)

Chorus Workshop style audition – 2:00 till 4:00pm – Please bring something comfortable to dance/move in

Audition pieces available from Dave Higgins on until this Friday (27th July) evening and from then onwards from Mel Read on

The Creative Team:

Directors - The “do this, do that” people DAVE HIGGINS and HARRIET SHEILDS

Choreographers – The “step together step kick” people JORDAN AYERS and BETH LEWIS

Production Assistant – The “You want me to do WHAT!” person MEL READ

After auditions and casting principals will be sent away with their scripts for 4 weeks to learn it! Then rehearsal’s commence on September 18th with scripts down

The Chorus:

This year we’d really like to encourage people of all ages to come along and join in the chorus.

We promise to make it a fun rehearsal period with a sprinkling of dancing and a dash of singing.

We’re looking for people who can act a bit and dance a bit and bawl out a tune.

Specialist roles from within the chorus – we’ll need a ballerina.

Principal Roles:

The 3 Fairies – Females (but we might consider a 1 male)

Grandmother, Mum and daughter/son. We ain’t sure what we want till we see it!

Different styles of fairy we’ll be considering include: Bossy, Motherly, Organised, Posh, Daft/silly, Grannyish, A learner, etc.

Maybe you’ve got another slant we’d like to see – come and show us. A good singing voice is required.

The King – Male

Bumbling henpecked lovable royalty.

The Queen – (The Dame) - Male

An audition piece will be available but we’d rather you just came in and entertained us for 3 minutes!

The Chancellor - Male

Officious, pompous & way over the top ‘camp’. Imagine John Inman, Julian Clary and Lord Percy (Blackadder) all rolled into one.

White faced, red lipped, big wigged and a lovely pink outfit with sequins will give you some idea of what we’re looking for.

The Jester - Male

The funny one in a very silly suit, interacts with the children's chorus and needs to be a lovable rogue type.

Over the top and energetic, with the ability to play the audience.

The Witch – Female

Fed up with your husband/boyfriend calling you an old witch? Then come and be ours. An over the top nasty character who needs the ability to play with the audience.

We see this witch as sinister rather than glamorous. Needs the ability to deal with heckling from audience - go on make those kids cry!

The Prince – Male

Some handsome bloke who snogs the Princess whilst she’s asleep then marries her. (Act 2 only – possible company use in Act1)

The Princess – Sleeping Beauty – Female

A rather nice giggly, lovable, girly looking bit of stuff who knows to avoid spinning wheels, but yet still manages to prick her finger on one!



'The Sound of Music' had the theatre buzzing:

The Marina Theatre was buzzing with children and adults for this musical made famous by the well-loved film and, more recently, by the Andrew Lloyd Webber production. But there was no trace of first night nerves. Beautiful choral singing by the company opened the show, followed by a stunning vocal performance by leading lady Polly Woodward singing The Sound of Music, bringing an endearing quality to the role through her innocence and playfulness. Playing opposite Maria, in the role of Captain Von Trapp, was Stephen Shields, who conveyed authority and command, and gave a strong vocal performance throughout, but in particular in the song Edelweiss.

Some Great supporting character performances were delivered by John Marjoram as Max Detweiller, Harriet Sheilds playing Elsa Schraeder and Deanne Dickson playing Frau Schmidt. A strong vocal performance was also given by Judi Mars who closed the first act with the iconic Climb Every Mountain.

But of course the stars of the show were the seven talented young performers playing the Von Trapp Children. Their professionalism and stage presence rivalled that of children performing on the West End, delivering stellar singing and acting performances.

With stunning sets and costumes and a first class orchestra, this production is another string to The Lowestoft Players bow and is a must-see for musical lovers, theatre-goers and anyone wishing for an enchanting evening.  PA Lowestoft Journal



Lesley Garrett tells Judi to 'Climb Every Mountain':

Soprano singer, musician, broadcaster and TV personality Lesley Garrett CBE was in town last Saturday and for one local performer the opportunity to meet her came just at the right time. Judi Mars, from Lowestoft, is following in Lesley’s footsteps and has succeeded Lesley into The Marina Theatre’s dressing room 1 as she is playing the role of the Mother Abbess in The Lowestoft Players production of ‘The Sound of Music’, which runs has been at the theatre this week until tomorrow, Saturday 2nd June.

Having played the iconic role in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s production at The Palladium in London’s West End in 2006, Lesley Garrett was visiting the town last Saturday to perform ‘Lesley Garrett in Concert with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’, and very kindly met with Judi prior to the concert to give her some tips and advice on playing the part and singing the rousing song ‘Climb Every Mountain’. Judi said: “Lesley was the perfect Mother Abbess in the West End, her voice, command and presence meant audiences were left with tears streaming down their faces at the end of every act 1, so to meet her today is a dream.” Lesley made her musical debut in ‘The Sound of Music’, having previously performed as a classical soprano singer, and said it was a dream of a role:“The Mother Abbess is such a wonderful role, I was sorry to leave after 6 months but loved every minute.”

Judi Mars is no stranger to the West End herself, having performed in ‘The Royal Variety Performance’,’ The Buddy Holly Story’ at The Palace Theatre and ‘The King and I’ at Sadler’s Wells to name but a few, but after moving to Lowestoft in 2005 she joined the award-winning theatre Group The Lowestoft Players and has now performed in 5 of their productions including ‘Chess’, ‘The King and ‘I and ‘The Full Monty’. After chatting about theatre and previous roles, Lesley was keen to offer some advice to Judi:“Just enjoy it, it’s such a wonderful role and you will have a wonderful time playing her, I wish you the best of luck for the production.”

The Lowestoft Players are performing ‘The Sound of Music’ at The Marina Theatre, Lowestoft for 3 more performances, one this evening at 7.30pm and for 2 performances tomorrow at 2.30pm and 7.30pm. There are some tickets still available, to book contact The Marina Theatre box office on 01502 533200.



West End Performer takes on Iconic Role:

Award-winning dramatics Group The Lowestoft Players are returning to The Marina Theatre this Spring, bringing you the Rodgers and Hammerstein favourite ‘The Sound of Music’, and taking on the role and singing the iconic song ‘Climb Every Mountain’ is west end performer Judi Mars.

Judi’s impressive resume includes performances in ‘The Magic of the Musicals’ at London’s Drury Lane, ‘Great Expectations’ in the role of Mrs Havisham at the Birmingham Alexandra and for the UK tour, ‘The Royal Variety Performance’ at The Victoria Palace, ‘Buddy – The Buddy Holly Story’ in the role of Miss Santiago at The Victoria Palace and ‘The King and I’ playing the lead role of Anna Leonowens at Sadlers Wells and for the UK tour, amongst others.

It was in 2008, after having moved to the area, that Judi joined The Lowestoft Players taking on the lead role of Anna Leonowens in ‘The King and I’. Since then she has appeared in 5 productions playing characters such as Svetlana in the award-winning musical ‘Chess’, Vicki in ‘The Full Monty’ The Evil Sorceress in ‘Robin Hood Prince of Sherwood’ and most recently as the magical Fairy Godmother in ‘Cinderella’.

But it is the role of Mother Abbess that Judi has most wanted to play:

“For any performer Mother Abbess is a dream role, with the song ‘Climb Every Mountain’ being one of the most famous musical songs of all time.”

Joining Judi in the cast is Polly Woodward, playing the lead role of Maria, Stephen Shields, playing Captain Von Trapp, John Marjoram playing Max Detweiler and Harriet Shields playing Elsa Schraeder.

Director Stephen Wilson said:

“We have a fantastic cast and are thrilled to have Judi in the role of Mother Abbess. Judi is such a commanding performer and will make all of the audiences hairs stand on the back of their necks when she sings the iconic song.”

 ‘The Sound of Music’ is on at The Marina Theatre from 29th May to 2nd June for six performances, including a matinee performance on Saturday 2nd June at 2.30pm. To book tickets please call The Marina Theatre box office on 01502 533200 or for group bookings of 10 or more people call the special party bookings hotline on 01502 569730 or 01502 531279.

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Players Win Top Awards:

The Lowestoft Players have done it again! At last weekends Annual NODA EAST CONFERENCE the Players walked away with 4 top awards.


ROBIN HOOD, Prince of Sherwood - Winner BEST PANTOMIME (Region 6)

OUR HOUSE , The Madness Musical - Winner BEST MUSICAL / Winner BEST OVERALL PRODUCTION (Region 6)



Exciting Future for the Players:

Local theatre group The Lowestoft Players are delighted to announce a hugely exciting development for the future of their society and the local community.

Permission on application has just been granted by the Planning Department at Waveney District Council for the award-winning group to use their headquarters The Bethel as a small theatre venue, following months of detailed investigation and research by the Players’ Developments Team.


This has been the realisation of an ambitious long term dream for The Lowestoft Players, who purchased the Bethel three years ago to use as their new headquarters and rehearsal hall. Upon viewing the venue, The Players Management Team immediately saw the building’s potential for the future, not only for community use and hire, but most thrilling of all as an exciting performance venue for both musical theatre and drama. Lowestoft Players Director Maurice Garrod said:


“The Lowestoft Players are really excited now that our initial development plan for The Bethel has been approved. This result has been achieved through having a good business plan and lots of hard work from our membership of dedicated volunteers.”


The Players are now set to update the facilities at The Bethel ready for an audience to use. This will involve both reconfiguring certain parts of the building and investing in interior necessities essential for a great theatre experience resulting in the building becoming a multi-purpose facility for rehearsals, performance and community use.


Enough money has already been raised by donations and sponsorship to buy over 200 new comfortable seats for theatre use, and fund raising continues together with applications for grants to curtain the interior and invest in sound systems, lighting and other essential equipment suitable for the venue. Plans also include building a new versatile stage area, which can accommodate a large cast.


The Players hope to still be able to perform their large scale pantomime and musical productions at the town’s Marina Theatre and see The Bethel as an additional complimentary, venue which will allow them to stage a number of exciting smaller productions that would not normally be viable in the town’s larger 700 seater venue.


“Having a small venue of our own, where more intimate pieces can be performed, is something we have only dreamed off in the past. With a fundraising effort, and hopefully a grant, it won’t be too long before we will be welcoming an audience into the Bethel,” said Mr Garrod.


News of The Lowestoft Players’ first big production at The Bethel will be announced in the press shortly. Tickets are also on sale from The Marina Theatre box office on 01502 533200 for their forthcoming production of “The Sound of Music,” which is on at The Marina Theatre from 29th May to 2nd June.


“We look forward with enthusiasm to entertaining theatre-goers everywhere, maintaining The Players’ award-winning high standards of creative and spectacular entertainment and look forward to welcoming you there soon.”



How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?

With over 60 adult auditionees, plus a further 100 children, The Lowestoft Players forthcoming production of “The Sound of Music” is set to be the group’s most successful show yet.

And heading up the cast and taking on the role made famous by Julie Andrews and more recently by the television programme “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria” is 21 year old Polly Woodward.

Polly is no stranger to the stage having played roles in musicals such as Emma Carew in “Jekyll and Hyde”, Julie Jordan in “Carousel”, Miss Dorothy in “Thoroughly Modern Millie” and Snow White in the pantomime “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, but it is the role of Maria that Polly has always dreamed about.“Maria is a part that I have wanted to play ever since I was a child; the songs, the story, the romance all add up to make the perfect family musical. I am so thrilled to have got the part!”

Directing the show is Stephen Wilson, who 11 years ago directed “The Sound of Music” for the society, breaking all records and holding the title of the largest selling musical production the society has ever performed. Joining him as Assistant Director is Wendy Takman, who most recently directed the critically acclaimed “Our House”, Stephen said: “The Sound of Music is such an enchanting musical and one that many people treasure – last time we sold more seats than any of our other productions and the way ticket sales are going at the moment we look to be smashing that record.”

Joining Polly in the cast is Stephen Shields, playing Captain Von Trapp, Judi Mars playing the Mother Abbess, Harriet Chambers playing Elsa Von Schrader and John Marjoram playing Max Detweiler, alongside 13 talented youngsters taking on the roles of the Von Trapp Family Children.

“Everyone knows The Sound of Music; the story, the songs and the children – it’s the perfect theatre experience for the whole family.”

“The Sound of Music” is on at The Marina Theatre from 29th May to 2nd June for six performances, including a matinee performance on Saturday 2nd June at 2.30pm. To book tickets please call The Marina Theatre box office on 01502 533200 or for group bookings of 10 or more people call the special party bookings hotline on 01502 569730 or 01502 531279.

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STOP PRESS - Cast List:

(from top left) Maria Rainer / Capt von Trapp / Mother Abbess / Max Detweiller / Elsa Shraeder /

Rolf Gruber / Leisl / Sister Berthe / Sister Sophia / Sister Margaretta / Frau Schmidt / Franz /

Herr Zeller / Admiral von Schreiber / Baron Elberfeld


Mother Abbess - JUDI MARS

Sister Berthe/Solo vocalist Preludium - JULIA HIGGINS

Sister Margaretta - MEL READ

Sister Sophia - DIANE SHARMAN

Capt. von Trapp - STEPHEN SHEILDS

Franz, the Butler - ANDY LIDDON

Frau Schmidt, the Housekeeper - DEANNE DICKSON

Max Detweiler (Uncle Max) - JOHN MARJORAM


Rolf Gruber - DAN CHALLISS

Herr Zeller / Company - DAN HUGHES

Baron Elberfeld / Company - DAVID EVANS

Admiral von Schreiber/Company - PAUL ASHBY

The von Trapp Children








The Company – Nuns / Priests/Townsfolk/Travelling Players/Neighbours/Festival Contestants/Nazi Stormtroopers